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  1. Path maker, use to geodata. Skill, manual, etc i dont find anything useful software.
  2. Sell smoke? Spanish, desde cuando tan generoso gustavo? Esperemos que sea asi, de paso contribuyo con los fix del npcpos... Me esta llevando hs esa mierda... Y con varios arreglos en la ai
  3. Sorry i'm working, I can see you resolve the problem, really what happend, i do not know, I use russian pack, and last ver. eressea extender.
  4. No problem with relog, try no use dll russian shit, use only eressea extender, and diferent auth, try use clean system client.
  5. that is correct.... I did no test relog, i'm still working in the ai and npcpos, Then I do a test and post
  6. use the commands from the console, in cmd
  7. any clean system of l2j server work fine....
  8. Yes that is correct, npcpos, geodata, supepoint, etc, need hard work
  9. the ai in this pack, it is not too bad, just ad the missing code from source
  10. geodata and npcpos takes a lot of work, if anyone get h5 scrips please share thanks
  11. not necesary hook, use same hook l2ext.dll, shit russian hook work well, only change name "myextendhf"
  12. try installing visual 2010, 2015 and v80 tools, in my case i have 2010, 2015, 2017, v80 tools (i dont remeber what type of library is...), and boost library. (sorry for my bad english)
  13. Edit: same pack... npos problem, ai calls missing, geo with problems, etc.
  14. Noooo, npos, superopint, etc, etc , more errors, etc