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[L2OFF] L2Hydra, low-mid rate


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General information about the server:



- L2 Hydra is a server made by players - for players. Everyone has a right to share his opinion to make the server better!


- It's 100% retail like, no customizations, no addons - REAL LINEAGE 2 - L2OFF - NOT L2J


- Active GMs and experienced staff will make sure the server is lag and bug free. Usualy it should take no longer than 24h to get rid of a basic issue.


- The main idea is to make a server with a rate no higher than 15x. I think 8-10x would be fine - however it's all up to the players to decide what they want!


- Planned start of the server will be beginning of the March - Exact date will be posted very soon.


- No donations! Even if someday there will be a way to support the server with some small amount of money, it wont affect the game play. The rewards will be most likely like colored nicknames, or hair accessories.


- What we aim for is great stability, and lag free community, with a professional assistance through the game and forum.






Site: http://www.l2hydra.com

Forum: http://forum.l2hydra.com




Tired of servers that last 1-2 months, with no support, and lazy GMs?





This is not my project, I posted this thread only for informational purpose.

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