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interlude [L2OFF] L2 WL


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   * Experience: 70x

   * Skill Points: 70x

   * Adena: 200x

   * Party level gap Removed

   * Enchanting chance: Retail like

   * Safe Enchant: +3


     GM Shops

   * Shop with D/C/B/A/S Grade Equipment

   * Interlude Weapons

   * All needed Misc



   * NPC Buffers with all normal buffs to 74LVL

   * Duration of all buffs: 2 Hours

   * Cat/Unicorn buff is retail like


     Global GK

   * The global GK will teleport to: all towns, leveling zones and custom area locations.

   * Each spawn point will have a peace zone. So there wont be any more spawn PK.



   * We will have 3-4 Sieges per weekend.

   * Castle owner crowns gives extra hp to players.



   * 2 Weeks olympiad period.

   * The heroes are granted with a hero skill and weapons (retail like).

   * Olympiad manager located: Giran Town.



   * Class changes - free of charge at NPC (1nd /2nd / 3rd)

   * Sub Quest Items in NPC.

   * Nobless Quest Items in NPC.

   * Clan Level Items in NPC



   * Offline shops

   * Badbuff protection (toogle on/off) .


* Raidbosses:

* Respawn of AQ: 48 hours +-1hour

* Respawn of Baium: 7days +-1hour

* Respawn of Zaken: 48 hours +-1hour

* Respawn of Antharas: 11 days +- 2hours

* Respawn of Valakas: 13 days +- 2 hours

* Respawn of Frintezza: 7 days +- 1 hour

* Respawn of Orfen/Core: 36 hours +-1hour

(All epic raids are level 80)





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L2Laila website?:D (why server off?)

if u're enough smart u should know why,since it is in preview section and didnt open yet,btw i am not GM or Admin or anything else,i just wrote the server here,for someone that could be interested,btw i dont know if is l2laila website,or l2brazil.

No offense bro^^

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