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L2NoFear High Rate Server


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L2NoFear PVP server is now online!!!






Drop : 2x

Spoil : 1x

Party : 2x


Enchant Rates:max +30 safe +7

With normal scroll:75%

With Blessed scroll:90%


Easy Farm-NO Costum Items-Costum NPC's-All Tattoo working normal-Balance Server-Active Gm's

Special exp area 5 mob lv85 and forgotten scrolls auto-learn!!!

Special Event Manager with high rewards!!!


Site: www.l2nofear.tk  join!!!

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all "customs" are too cheap, one vote reward and You can have 15 of them lol. it might be a nice server but making items so cheap will make for a 3-4 second pvp and people getting bored.

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if You give custom items that make characters so powerful:

(+30% p.atk is like difference between +3 weapon and +20) !!!

and make them extremely cheap on start + then make them more expensive

people who farm them first will PWN, literally exterminate everyone else on server.


result: empty server with 2-3 awesome +++ players dying out in a week.


think about it man. customs are fine when they're @$@$@ hard to get, or from super hard raids or sth. I know the guy who posted some of these items, when he runs his failserver he at least makes those items worth a week of non stop farm so a month on a server. then there are people bitching about it but pvp doesn't last 3 seconds and people don't leave!.


so, first think server through then start it. this is my advice.


look at some of the biggest servers, when they have weak customs then you can get them in a WEEK, not a day. powerful customs = 1 month on all "farmservs", anyway those farmservs get 100+ population. why? cuz it's a better solution then starwars.

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look each mob gives 300 gold knight and our 1 custom item costs 3.000.000 gold knight so its a little bit hard and gives 20%to all stats so all chars is too strong but pvp with high att.speed and c.speed i think its a little bit more funny but the damage is the same ;D

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    • Hello everyone,   Does anyone know how to turn off "proxy'? I'm trying to connect on server and i get error in Login server:   ========================================================== Error in Login Server ========================================================== "[15:01:53]  INFO IP: Login: test Assigned to Proxy:" ==========================================================   And in proxies.xml say something about .properties file, but i cant find that file.     ========================================================== proxies.xml ========================================================== <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <!DOCTYPE list SYSTEM "proxies.dtd"> <!-- In order to make this file be in use, EnableProxies in server.properties MUST be set to true --> <!-- This list should contain GameServer IPs. IP of the GameServer will be chosen for Player during Server Selection, based on Mask of his IP --> <!-- For example, if IP of the player is, all of the masks below will be checked if IP matches range of mask --> <!-- Mask covers IPs from to Mask covers IPs from to and so on --> <!-- So if IP of the player matches below mask, value in "ip" will be given to him, to connect with GameServer --> <!-- If player IP will not match any mask, Error in LoginServer logs will be printed --> <list>     <level min="40" max="86" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages party="3" clan="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages shout="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages all="15" trade="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages pm="3" clan="5" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/> </list> ========================================================== ==========================================================   If anyone could help it would be great.  
    • @Celestinewasnt this guy banned for selling shared stuff? 😄
    • I know xD ... please clean the topic. It's okay!
    • link off    anyone can share it ?   thks
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