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CP script for IG


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here's a cheap workaround I made

it sets your SP count to your CP percentage


because walker has CharStatus(sp

the walker script itself is simple to do


  i : integer;

  tempi : integer;

  tempi2 : integer;

  fieldType : integer;

  fieldValue : integer;

  selfObjID : integer;

  curCP : integer;

  maxCP : integer;

  cpRatio : single;




  if strcmp(copy(_gBuff,3,1),#$04) and _gFromServ then begin



  if strcmp(copy(_gBuff,3,1),#$0E) and _gFromServ then begin


     if(tempi = selfObjID) then begin

       for i := 0 to tempi2-1 do begin


         if(fieldType = $21) then

           curCP := fieldValue;

         if(fieldType = $22) then

           maxCP := fieldValue;




  if(maxCP>0) then begin

    cpRatio := curCP / maxCP;

    if(cpRatio<1) then begin





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Script is for PPC module of WPF http://saur.x33.ru


Ohh...now i am undertand more...but need something explain and then would be nice...

BWt, anyone know how to lunch IG on L2Frozen server i need it really, ofc working one, cuz i can run game, but cannt log in...

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