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Auto Updater Help?

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Well as the Tittle says i need help with my auto Updater =)


so far i have a Place to host the files that i want people to download, but i am having problems gettitng the client side L2Updater.exe to be able to connect to the Host IP...


Here is What i have Done So Far

1.) I downloaded the File Here: http://forum.ragezone.com/f328/share-l2updater-1-0-1a-314874/


2.) I extracted the arcive


3.)I changed the Name of the L2Updater to L][ Dynasty.exe


4.) I changed the name of the L2Updater.exe in Settings.ini (server side) from L2 Updater.exe to L][ Dynasty.exe


5.) I opened updater.ini (client side) and added the URL's for the Updater

NewsUrl=http://www.l2dynasty.org/Client Updates/WebNews/main.html
UpdatesUrl=http://www.l2dynasty.org/Client Updates/system/


6.) I then decided to launch the Aplication L][Dynasty.exe the page loaded fine, But i was not able to update my system folder with the files located on the UpdatesUrl=http://www.l2dynasty.org/Client Updates/system/???


I think the reason why its not working is because i have no updates.lst and i don't know how to make one, i know its using upbuilder.. But how?

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