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White Field Winter Festival 2011


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Chronology of events of World Gaming Festival 2011


Monday 14th February, Valentine’s Day – Beginning of the “B” Tournament – (from 100 to 200 computers, 50 Playstation consoles)

Playing all day from 10am to 6pm.

600 gamers, over 1.000 visitors.

6pm – Performance on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and opening ceremony.

9pm – Famous Dee Jay from the EU, from 2.500 to 3.000 visitors.


Tuesday, 15th February


Playing from 10am to 7pm, 600 gamers, over 1.000 visitors.


Final of “B” tournament:


1st place 700€


2nd place 200€


3rd place 100€


(places from 1 to 8 have right to participate in “A” tournament)

9pm – Dance competition, over 1.000 visitors, 1st place cash money.


Wednesday, 16th February


9pm – Famous Dee Jay from EU / from 2.500 to 3.000 visitors.


Thursday, 17th February

Beginning of the “A” Tournament – groups


Playing from 10am to 6pm

21h – Music competition in pop, rock and hip hop / 1.500 visitors / 1st place cash money.


Friday, 18th February

The second day of the “A” tournament

Playing from 10am to 7pm.

1.000 gamers, over 2.000 visitors.

Evening rest.


Saturday, 19th February

Grand Final of A tournament

2.000 gamers, over 3.000 visitors.


1st place 10.000€

9pm – Winter Queen – Choice for the queen of the winter – 3.000 visitors, 1st place cash money.


Sunday, 20th February


9pm – performance by worldwide famous DJ – 5.000 visitors.


Organizers are Multimedial NGO, NGO YES Young European Society, NGO European Democratic Centre of Montenegro in cooperation with the Municipal Bijelo Polje. Other strategic partners are the Ministry of Information, Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of European integration and gaming teams GMS, WFG, gamesense.


So far we organized two festivals in 2009 and 2010 in mid-February. We have been successful in multiple fronts. The average daily visits were over 2.000 visitors, most from Montenegro 30%, Serbia 24%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 17%, EU 12%, Macedonia 7%, Croatia 6% and Bulgaria 4%. Total number of visitors for 3 days, how long the tournaments lasted, for 2009 was 7.000 and for 2010 was 9.000 visitors.


Photos from last festivals:





And Much More...!


Check Out Site ! .:: www.wgf.me ::.

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