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angelshero freya pvp server


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not my server, just the server i play right now and i like it

www.l2angelshero.com >new freya pvp server with groing community, lots of fun and pvp


Angels Hero PvP Server 3000x


XP – 3000 SP – 3000 Adena 2000



Drop – 1


Global Gatekeeper


5 Hours Buffs – Full buff


Max subclasses – 5



Custom Certificate Quest Zone


Custom Olympiad Zone



2 GM Shops ( 1 for Freya items, 1 for everything else )



1 Custom armor that provides a boost in stats



Custom playground, farm zones and drop



Every LvL 70+ RB has a custom drop, including epics.


Long lasting PvP that makes you use all of your skills.



Blessed scrols/GC/Stones/Jewels/Coins drops at random mobs.


FULL Geodata Working



Enchant Rates


Weapon: Safe: +5 Max: +16


Armor: Safe +5 Max +20


Weapon: Normal/Bless/Element = 70/75/60


Armor: Normal/Bless/Element = 75/85/60



http://f.angelshero.com/ <<forum



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