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[Exploit] Fly upside down, or how high you want!

Guest matiasr83

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Guest matiasr83

Wanna show off your flying mount in a special way? Here's just a fun

way to do so:


Type "/console pitchlimit 9000" in the chat (without the "") and

watch what happens as you keep pulling up or down. The vertical

limit is gone so you can now do loops or fly upside down. And others

will see it too!


If you want to see it from a normal perspective you'll have to first

turn your flying mount upside down and then change the camera view

around to a normal view and then keep flying in the direction you



You'll find you can also just run around and see WoW upside down.


And if you don't have a flying mount, well, I guess it's possible to

experience "flying" upside down if you jump from a high cliff...

Better wear a helmet.


Try it today. (Could be fun to show off to the other team around

Halaa if you know what I mean.)


And to turn it back: Type "/console pitchlimit 90".


I think this is possible to do at Official Servers, but I can not confirm it. I got the tip from Martin Malmberg at wow-strategy.com.



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