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-XP rate: 20x

-SP rate: 20x

-Adena rate: 20x

-Drop rate: 20x

-Quest reward rate: 10x

-Spoil rate: 20x

-Rb drop 1x

-Starting adena 10.000

-Auto subclass system (no quest needed)

-Noblesse quest retail !

-Champions ON

-Party Xp: 2x

-Vitality Recovery: 1.5x

-Vitality Drop: 1x

-Top C Merchant in giran castle town

-Enchant rate: 60-66%

-Max enchant armor: 16

-Max Enchant weapon: 16

-Safe 3

-Max clients by ip: 3

-Offline trader

-Epic boss drop only 1 ring

-max buff slots: 24+16 songs and dances

-Autolearn skills

-Duel system

-Hero System

-Custom Class Master, you dont need to do quest to class change

-Auto Account system

-Custom NPC ServerManager With Almost Everything you Need!

-Prp buffer- 1 hour

-100% Olympiad System Working !

-Olympiad starting : 18:00 - 00:00, need 9 people.

-100% Clan Hall/Fortress/Castles Sieges Working!

-99% Skills Working!

-Tvt Event every 3 hours, Prize 5kk adena



No Corruptions!

Active And Helpfull GM`s!



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if olympiad need 9 ppl then oly only 3 last days of month

and put it in 4shared or smth like that because ppl cant understand this language in failai.in

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