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[Gracia Epilogue] Vespser without farming

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LII Earth Server Information

LII Earth Website:



Lineage II Earth is a High Rate PvP Server based on the Lineage II Epilogue Client. While LII Earth Strives to achieve the realistic feel of the official Lineage II servers. It has clearly separated itself from the standard high rate server by adding countless customizations and altering the gaming experience to better suit your needs and adhere to the role of a high rate server while at the same time attempting to exemplify uniqueness and individuality in a highly standardized gaming community. As the Owner and Founder of LII Earth I ask you to come and give our server a try, I promise it won't be a disappointment. If you don't believe me feel free to take a look our server features list, it speaks for itself. ;)




LII Earth Server Owner & Founder



LIIEarth Grand Opening


LII Earth is scheduled to open its doors for an Open Beta on 6 June 2010. There will be a wipe following the closure of the beta and at the start of the Official server opening which is scheduled for 10 June 2010.



LIIEarth On Facebook!


If you would like to view more about our server including ingame pictures and stay up to date with server information hit the Like button on either our website or facebook itself.




Server Information


  • Epilogue
  • High Rate PvP Server
  • Unique Gameplay



Server Rates


  • 5000x Exp
  • 5000x SP
  • 5000x Adena



Enchant Rates


  • Weapon Max Enchant = +20
  • Armor Max Enchant = +20
  • Jewel Max Enchant = +20


  • Weapon Enchant Safe = +3
  • Armor Enchant Safe = +3
  • Jewel Enchant Safe = +3


  • Weapon Enchant Success Rate = 70%
  • Armor Enchant Success Rate = 70%
  • Jewel Enchant Success Rate = 70%


[NOTE]: Normal Enchant Scrolls will break your weapon.


  • Weapon Blessed Enchant Success Rate = 80%
  • Armor Blessed Enchant Success Rate = 80%
  • Jewel Blessed Enchant Success Rate = 80%


[NOTE]: Blessed Enchant Scrolls will not break your weapon, but they will return its enchant to 0.


  • Weapon Crystal Enchant Success Rate = 95%
  • Armor Crystal Enchant Success Rate = 95%
  • Jewel Crystal Enchant Success Rate = 95%


[NOTE]: Crystal Enchant Scrolls will break your weapon.



Server Features



  • Auto Loot.
  • Adena Drop Rate 100%.



  • Max 28 Support Buffs and 16 Dance/Song Buffs.
  • Alt + Click Buffs to Remove.
  • Global Free Buffing.
  • 15 Hour Buff Time!



  • Working Vitality System.
  • Working Augmentation System(active,passive,chance).
  • Working Attribute System.
  • Working Fortress Sieges.
  • Working Skill Certification.
  • Working Wedding System.
  • Working Clan System.
  • Working Fishing System.
  • Working Olympiad System.
  • Working Subclass System.
  • Working Hero System.
  • Working Clan Halls System.
  • Working Duel System.
  • Working Enchant Skills System.
  • Working Custom Class Balance System.
  • Working Auto Ban Corrupt GM System.



  • C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/G1/G2/G3/EP/ Areas
  • C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/G1/G2/G3/EP/ Mobs
  • C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/G1/G2/G3/EP/ Skills.



  • Auto Learn Skills.
  • Level 81-83 Skills: Auto Learn.
  • Automatic Class Change at Level 20,40 and 76!
  • On Subclass Buffs Are saved.



  • Stack Subclass Protection.
  • 3 Subclasses Per Character.
  • Official Subclass Restrictions.



  • All Characters are set Noblesse when created.



  • Unique System for Olympiad - 2 week competition period.


-Raidboss & Grandboss:

  • No Auto Look Raids.
  • Grandboss Respawn Time set to 1 hour.
  • Custom Drops on Raidbosses - Drop Jewels 100%


--Server Latency:

  • Client Packet Limiter.
  • Optimized Client Packet Timeout System.
  • Automatic Server Restart Every 12 hours.


--Server Maintenance:

  • Auto Server Backup on Restart.
  • Auto Backup 2 times per Day.



  • Low Level Protection: Till Level 60.
  • Easy Character Leveling Custom made Leveling Zone. All Passive Monsters.
  • 60 Second Spawn Protection.
  • Castle Lord Login Announce.


--Custom Currency:

  • Gold Einhasad = 500,000,000 Adena.


--Custom NPCs:

  • Global Gatekeeper: Free teleporting around world!
  • GM Shop: All In game Items for all Grades in 1 Shop!
  • NPC Buffer: With Heal and Cancel Buff commands! Has Auto Buff Based On Class. Buffs Players for Free!
  • All Class Subclass Changer: No more searching for the right npc.
  • Custom Augmenter: You can Augment your weapons here.
  • Custom Symbol Maker: You can create/delete your symbols here.
  • Wedding Manager: You can get married here.
  • Santa Event Manager: Here you can Use Glittering Medals To exchange for New Hair Accessories, Crystal Scrolls and much much more!
  • Buzz The Cat: Here you can exchange nectar for various items.
  • Custom Ingame PvP/PK Top list Npc: Find out if your one of LII Earths Elite's.


--Custom Farming Zones:

  • Crypts of Disgrace (x1), Pavel Ruins (x3) and Emerald Square (5x) as Custom Farming Zones.
  • Crypts of Disgrace (x1): Drops Blessed Scrolls and Gold Einhasad at lowest rate.
  • Pavel Ruins (x3): Drops Blessed Scrolls and Gold Einhasad.
  • Emerald Square (5x): Drops Elemental Stones, Blessed Scrolls and Gold Einhasad.
  • PvP is allowed at all Custom Farming Zones as it is a PvP Server.


--Custom AIO (All In One) Item:

  • Wondrous Cubic: Unique Item for AIO. Has Global Shop, Global Gatekeeper, Global Quick Buff, Global Scheme Buff, Global Warehouse, Global Augment and Global Symbol.


--Custom Voice Commands:

  • .help command: Provides player with valuable information about server rates, enchant etc.
  • .buffshieldon and .buffshieldoff commands: Disables grief buffing from other players.
  • .set command: Use this command to set the permissions of your clan members.
  • .heal command: Use this command while inside a town and you will be healed.
  • .cancel command: Use this command to cancel all currently active buffs on your character.
  • .tradeon and .tradeoff commands: Use these commands to either enable or disable trade requests to your character.
  • .joinTvT and .leaveTvT commands: Allows you to join the TvT event or leave the TvT event at your own free will.


--Custom Banking Voice Command System:

  • .bank command: Provides player with valuable information about the bank exchange rates.
  • .deposit command: Deposit 500,000,000 Adena in player's bank in exchange for 1 Gold Einhasad.
  • .withdraw command: Withdraw 500,000,000 Adena from player's bank in exchange for 1 Gold Einhasad.


--Custom Class Balance System:

  • Based upon complicated algorithms determined by a players class attacks are calculated to best match the official Lineage II servers.


--Custom Anti-Enchanting Exploit Protection:

  • Players who either equip or login game with an over enchanted item will be instantly banned.


--Custom Clan Rep System:

  • Clans that participate in either GM or Automated Events will receive Glittering Medals.
  • Clan Leaders that Exchange Glittering Medals for Yogi's Enchanted Reward Cube and Double Click The Cube will receive 100 rep points.


--Custom TvT Event:

  • Red vs Blue Teams.
  • Event Based in Coliseum.
  • TvT Runs Automatically 4 Times Per Day.
  • Players are automatically buffed according to player class before they enter the arena and do not loose buffs on death during the event.
  • Team with the most kills after the allowed time is declared winner.
  • Winning team receives 25 Glittering Medals.
  • Use Glittering Medals To exchange for New Hair Accessories, Crystal Scrolls and much much more! Simply visit Santa in Giran for your reward!


--Custom Auto Ban Corrupt GM System:

  • This system was installed to stop corruption by GMs on LII Earth.
  • The System works by BANNING any GM who trys to trade/drop/give/alter any player an Item besides Glittering Medals.



Server Machine


  • Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600
  • 8192 MB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 500 GB @ 10K RPM in RAID 0
  • 1 GBit Traffic p/m



Large & Friendly Community - Join Today!




Why Should You Join?


  • 24/7 Up time!
  • No Corruption!
  • No Bugs!
  • No Latency!
  • No Problems!



Server Website








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