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t pc m einai ligo palio...alla exo kanei kapoies alages pano t...alla POTE dn exw allaksei epeksergasth...eimai me tn idio edw k 5-6 xronia...8elw na m pite an autos http://www.e-shop.gr/show_per.phtml?id=PER.559976 o epeksergasteis teriazei st pc m.


O epeksergastis p exw tr

karta grafikon m


an ksexasa kati..pite m...


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dld 8a xriastei na allaksw mitriki k ram gia na mporeso na valw auton tn epeksergasti?

Ναι, τα κομμάτια είναι υπερβολικά παλιά. Κανένα από αυτά δεν θα ταιριάζει στις μητρικές που πλασάρει τώρα το e-shop (ή οποιοδήποτε μαγαζί).

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ok...8a psaksw gia paketa apo t eshop.. ( http://www.e-shop.gr/search_per.phtml?category=%C5%D0%C9%D4%D1%C1%D0%C5%C6%C9%CF%C9%2520%D5%D0%CF%CB%CF%C3%C9%D3%D4%C5%D3&category2=UPGRADE ) ews 500euro... an mporei kaneis...as m vrei ena kalo paketo


edit: auto t paketo einai kalo gia new games p.x metro2033/gta iv episodes from liberty city? http://www.e-shop.gr/show_per.phtml?id=PER.912063

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Sou proteinw na pareis kainourio pc na pouliseis ayto se kana magazi p pernei metaxirismena k na pareis ena 700 eurw pc p logika tha einai polu kalutero apo to palio sou ;)

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pare paketo anaba8misis i kane oti lei  o TEOGR na to poulisis kana 300-500 epidi ine metaxirismenos ke etsi opos exoume gini tr mamiseta paketo anaba8misis enoite arki na 3eris na ta bazis ta e3artimata

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