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first of all hi..


I want ask some things about webhosting :). Where is usefull webhosting?(no lagg?).Except this i want ask if i webhost my server,then i will have database etc.. in my pc?


I ask coz i am looking for webhosting but i want to know basic things of it..

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first of all hi..


I want ask some things about webhosting :). Where is usefull webhosting?(no lagg?).Except this i want ask if i webhost my server,then i will have database etc.. in my pc?


I ask coz i am looking for webhosting but i want to know basic things of it..


you cant "webhost" a L2 Server if thats what you mean whit "my server"


no the DB Will be stored in a Datacenter but you can access it via phpmyadmin example.


im using strato webhosting works great + unlimited traffic

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how much do you pay every month?

and how much players can play to your server without lag?


didnt you read what i did just say???.....I SAID ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO HOST A L2JServer or Any Other Server on a WEBSPACE.


you need a Dedicated Root Server for that


you get good ones for 40-50 euro for the start

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and how much ppl will play without lagg?


someone bash him.....


There many Factors you need to Consider.


Datacenter Connection speed

Players Connection speed

The Route the players take to connect to your server.


most importent thing for l2j server are


RAM and Connection.

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version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <table maxLevel="90" maxPetLevel="80" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/experience.xsd">     <experience level="1" tolevel="0" />     <experience level="2" tolevel="68" />     <experience level="3" tolevel="363" />     <experience level="4" tolevel="1168" />     <experience level="5" tolevel="2884" />     <experience level="6" tolevel="6038" />     <experience level="7" tolevel="11287" />     <experience level="8" tolevel="19423" />     <experience level="9" tolevel="31378" />     <experience level="10" tolevel="48229" />     <experience level="11" tolevel="71201" />     <experience level="12" tolevel="101676" />     <experience level="13" tolevel="141192" />     <experience level="14" tolevel="191452" />     <experience level="15" tolevel="254327" />     <experience level="16" tolevel="331864" />     <experience level="17" tolevel="426284" />     <experience level="18" tolevel="539995" />     <experience level="19" tolevel="675590" />     <experience level="20" tolevel="835854" />     <experience level="21" tolevel="1023775" />     <experience level="22" tolevel="1242536" />     <experience level="23" tolevel="1495531" />     <experience level="24" tolevel="1786365" />     <experience level="25" tolevel="2118860" />     <experience level="26" tolevel="2497059" />     <experience level="27" tolevel="2925229" />     <experience level="28" tolevel="3407873" />     <experience level="29" tolevel="3949727" />     <experience level="30" tolevel="4555766" />     <experience level="31" tolevel="5231213" />     <experience level="32" tolevel="5981539" />     <experience level="33" tolevel="6812472" />     <experience level="34" tolevel="7729999" />     <experience level="35" tolevel="8740372" />     <experience level="36" tolevel="9850111" />     <experience level="37" tolevel="11066012" />     <experience level="38" tolevel="12395149" />     <experience level="39" tolevel="13844879" />     <experience level="40" tolevel="15422851" />     <experience level="41" tolevel="17137002" />     <experience level="42" tolevel="18995573" />     <experience level="43" tolevel="21007103" />     <experience level="44" tolevel="23180442" />     <experience level="45" tolevel="25524751" />     <experience level="46" tolevel="28049509" />     <experience level="47" tolevel="30764519" />     <experience level="48" tolevel="33679907" />     <experience level="49" tolevel="36806133" />     <experience level="50" tolevel="40153995" />     <experience level="51" tolevel="45524865" />     <experience level="52" tolevel="51262204" />     <experience level="53" tolevel="57383682" />     <experience level="54" tolevel="63907585" />     <experience level="55" tolevel="70852742" />     <experience level="56" tolevel="80700339" />     <experience level="57" tolevel="91162131" />     <experience level="58" tolevel="102265326" />     <experience level="59" tolevel="114038008" />     <experience level="60" tolevel="126509030" />     <experience level="61" tolevel="146307211" />     <experience level="62" tolevel="167243291" />     <experience level="63" tolevel="189363788" />     <experience level="64" tolevel="212716741" />     <experience level="65" tolevel="237351413" />     <experience level="66" tolevel="271973532" />     <experience level="67" tolevel="308441375" />     <experience level="68" tolevel="346825235" />     <experience level="69" tolevel="387197529" />     <experience level="70" tolevel="429632402" />     <experience level="71" tolevel="474205751" />     <experience level="72" tolevel="532692055" />     <experience level="73" tolevel="606319094" />     <experience level="74" tolevel="696376867" />     <experience level="75" tolevel="804219972" />     <experience level="76" tolevel="931275828" />     <experience level="77" tolevel="1151275834" />     <experience level="78" tolevel="1511275834" />     <experience level="79" tolevel="2099275834" />     <experience level="80" tolevel="4200000000" />     <experience level="81" tolevel="6299994999" />     <experience level="82" tolevel="10499905559" />     <experience level="83" tolevel="16800005559" />     <experience level="84" tolevel="27299995559" />     <experience level="85" tolevel="44100005559" />     <experience level="86" tolevel="71400000000" />     <experience level="87" tolevel="115500000000" />     <experience level="88" tolevel="186900000000" />     <experience level="89" tolevel="302400000000" />     <experience level="90" tolevel="489300000000" />     <experience level="91" tolevel="791690000000" /> </table> *********************************************************************************************************** experience.xsd *********************************************************************************************************** <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">     <element name="table">         <complexType>             <sequence minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">                 <element name="experience" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">                     <complexType>                         <attribute name="level" use="required">                             <simpleType>                                 <restriction base="positiveInteger">                                     <minInclusive value="1" />                                     <maxInclusive value="90" />                                 </restriction>                             </simpleType>                         </attribute>                         <attribute name="tolevel" type="nonNegativeInteger" use="required" />                     </complexType>                 </element>             </sequence>             <attribute name="maxLevel" use="required">                 <simpleType>                     <restriction base="positiveInteger">                         <minInclusive value="1" />                         <maxInclusive value="90" />                     </restriction>                 </simpleType>             </attribute>             <attribute name="maxPetLevel" use="required">                 <simpleType>                     <restriction base="positiveInteger">                         <minInclusive value="1" />                         <maxInclusive value="80" />                     </restriction>                 </simpleType>             </attribute>         </complexType>     </element> </schema>
    • Got one working both in party buff window and so on thank you though
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