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[Gracia Final L2J] L2Gate


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Welcome to L2Gate


Server  Rates

Exp and Esp  x5000

Drop x1

Adena x5000


Safe  enchant : 4

Max enchant : 20


Normal enchant rate : 75%

Blessed enchant rate : 95%




Top Apella armor and vesper weapons!


Buffer  (Full buffs)


Class Master(Until 3 Class)


We have RB in retail places (Core,Orfen,Queen Ant,Zaken,Baium,Antharas,Valakas)!


Custom area for farm, wars , pvp , duels and fun

(2 farm areas  + 1 pvp )


Many events(Retail+Custom)




Olymbiad retail system,

Noblesse custom system!


Balanced 99%


PvP + PK color system!



L2 Gate is located to Germany and with our Dedicated Machine we can have 3000+ online with no lag!!


About Custom npc's

Gmshop  with all what you need !

Custom  shop  with vesper armor and weapons and  apella armor

Service manager (symbol draw - delete , subclass add - change , warehouse , clan create- lvl up clan - add clan  skills  , ally  creation,noblesse  manager , top pvp / pk )

Custom Augmentor

Global Gatekeeper (all lineage areas  +  custom areas ( farm 1 farm 2 pvp area  + leveling- gremlins  in giran) +  Grand bosses area! )




Custom commands

.tvtvote  .dmvote  you will  use this command to vote  what event  you want to start ! who  event will have more votes will start!


About boss jewls


Boss jewls you can get it with donate  but not  only, you can get it and from retail grand bosses (valakas , zaken etc.. ) you dont need  quest ...  just  a teleport from  gk!


About server areas


We have 3 areas you want  to analyse them? ok  read :

Farm area 1 :  Gold Bars 30 - 40 + 1 custom RB who drop 200-500 GB

Farm area 2 : Gold Bars  30 -40 + 2-4 Enchant (S) Grade scrolls  armor  and weapon  NOTE : you cant find them at gmshop + 1 boss who drop 500 GB

PvP area : Gold Bars 30-40 + 1-2  Top Grade LifeStones lvl 84 


About  Server  (is hard or easy? ) take a look :


Vesper armor set  cost : 10.000 GB

Vesper weapon cost : 10.000 GB

Apella armor cost : 50.000 GB  + 500 Event-Medals ( 1 pvp = 1 Event-Medal)


About Server  leveling:

In Giran have a gremlins  that with 1 hit makes  you lvl 85 and give you Adena ( to buy  what you need )


About Server GM's:

we are 3 GM's  1 DEV 1 Admin  1 HGM  always you can find a gm in game and he can help you at your problems ! Will make custom gm events  will customs rewards ( evevt-medals , GB's , Hero till restart and more )


About protection:

BE WARNING we have auto program  ban system (phx,walker,etc) there is not warnings! also we have and autoban system for trade bugs and warehouse bugs  and again there is  not warning! also we fixed  augment stuck bug!


About buffs


Buff slots: 24 buffs + 15 song and dances

Buffer : buff set  can gives you kamael buffs  and what your needed buffs

You  can also create your scheme!

Buff time : 2 hours  , only kamael buffs 2 minutes!



->allow hero skills on subclass

->low level character protection

-->custom pvp/color system

-->pvp poitn arard with event medal

->auto announce pvp/pk in row

->>olympiad 2 weeks Sunday will make heros

->appella trade fixed(update ton server)

->Deathnatch added

->command .join/.eave for tvt and commands .dmjoin/.dmleave for deathmatch added

->auto tvt + deathmatch

->player cant esacape from pvp wit

->clan items/quest sto gm shop


so  we waiting for you! 







CHAT ROOM With Music by me  [ ~Silver~]
















And please no spam under our Topic, Thanks!

Vote for us!



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Very nice, new L2gate:) sure gonna play this!!!

last time they made amazing serv also to bad of community!

hopefull this time will join alot!!


edit; nice site :o (like giran sound:p)




EDIT: Launch date?

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