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bug gia oly points (work on l2mafia)

witch is the best server??.  

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  1. 1. witch is the best server??.

    • l2mafia
    • l2deathwhisper

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loipwn tha sas diksw pws na prpnete tsaba points ston l2mafia:)

loipwn tha xriastite 2plo window..

me ton 1 logarete ton char p tha dilwsete oly.. k to alo to afinete sto log in etoimo gia na valete pass..

1) dilwnete oly

2) me t p grapsi 30sec kanete asap exit game

3)k meta asap logarete ksana ton char me to 2ytero parathiro p exete etoimo..

4)me to p logarete kanete full buffs forate armor klp klp

5) and the winner is xD

PROSOXH!!! prp na eiste grigori dld na logarete me to 2ytero parathiro protou teliosoun ta 30sec

gt ama teliosoun ta 30 sec xanete :S

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