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Who plays l2 ? (Everyone) Who plays l2 infogate ( Well,a big count but, yes not everyone) Who wants to ear easy adena ?( Me!!!!)


Oka, lets get started on l2 infogate there r 2 things u can do .

1. PvP

2. ++


can only help you with the ++. ok this srv is l2j (i think) and the admin is so Mr.GaGa who has enabled the player commands

.withdraw , .deposit ... On gm shop u can trade one gb 4 a half billion. so here we are ( u have to have at least 0.5 billions)


Step 1. make a macro .withdraw

Step 2. go to gm shop press the buttton that shows gb

Step 3. buy a gb

Step 4. press the maco we just made

Step 5. Be a Billionare :D


Credits : Me

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yes but if you do it fast you got chat ban ;) thanks for buf gj...!!

np :) also 4 the chat ban i prefer have like dual-box so when i get chat banned in th one go to another :D
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