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[Guide]CS 1.5 Commands and tips.


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Here are some good commands and tips, for cs 1.5



cs 1.5 dont work the same as cs 1.6 you dont add launch options through steam, but throught the short cut you have made,




add the process patcher(THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING TO DO)



1. the first step, go into the directory where you have installed cs 1.5 usually






2. right click on half-life.exe, select create shortcut.


3. place the shortcut any where you want,


4. right click on the shortcut you made and select: properties.


5. in the "target box"( see screenshot) type:


-game cstrike


this will enable the process patcher which is a program that makes cs 1.5 more stable, and should eleminate most crashes,







2.if you cant get your console up, usually the console should come up by pressing the " ` " key,



1. in the short cut you made right click and select properties,


2. in the "target" box write:




3. press ok and start cs 1.5


4. in cs 1.5 a menu called "console" should have appeared on the top.


5. click on it, and write this:



bind "\" "toggleconsole"

bind "`" "toggleconsole"



6. join a server and it should work.





3. want to enable 32 bit color?, this will make the graphics look a bit better, but you cant see through smoke,



1. to do this add: -32bpp to the launch options of cs 1.5. (see screenshot)







4. dont want to get that ipx error when joining a server?

(this is only if you dont want to see the error. the error means nothing an should be ignored)


add: -noipx


to the cs 1.5 launch options.






5. if you would like to see the ping of the servers in the server browser add: -numericping to your cs 1.5 shortcut.


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