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[Help] Server Protection.



Kalimera melh tou maxcheaters,


Apo xtes to vradi palevo me to search engine na vro ena Protector gia ton Gracia Final Server mou (Den ton exo anoiksei akoma...Thelo na ginei sosta...Oxi douleia sto podi.... ;) ). Vrika kati programatakia/projects xoris na kano compile to pack mou alla telika kateliksa sto pouthena gt den douleve kanena... Opote ftanoume sto simio na kano compile....alla ela mou nte pou den ksero pos kano compile....Akolouthisa kapoia Guides pou vrika  edo sto forum nomizo pos ta psilo katafera alla eixa ena problima sto na peraso ta codes eite gia to protection eite gia to otidipote allo.... (To otidipote allo einai kati Katapliktika events pou vrika edo mesa.....) An mporei kapoios na me help eite me teamviewer eite me msn eite me kapoio allo tropo na me voithisei tha tou eimoun evgnomon...


P.S : O server einai L2j (l2 Java)


P.S 2: Kalh xronia se olous efxomai..Oti epithimeite..

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