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Need Developer



p mporw na vrw

1) Protection (odigies egatastasis)

2)to antihack den einai ensomatomeno sto protection?

3)Enan kalo Developer (L2MaxPayne@hotmail.com)

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1a) Kane Compile to pack me tn voh8eia tou guide tou ExTrEmEDwarf

1b) Pakse sto [share] Lineage II Develop [L2J Server] kai vres potection!

                   Share L2 Server Modifications here. [L2J]

2) Portection k Antihack nmz shmainoun to idio k ta 2 se prostatevoun apo hacks!!!!

3) Boreis na gineis apo monos sou enas "kalos" developer an katceis na ma8eis 2 pragmata p 8a ta vreis sto forum!



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protection odigies egatastasis aplo... sta quote p s dinoun s lene p na pas lei px sf./gameserver kai kati tetia pano pano an proseksis kai kato lei kai p akribos na ta balis

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