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[Help] C4 Files


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Well I didn`t know where to post my problem, that`s why i chose this section, because i had problem with client..


So , me and my friends are bored to play Gracia Final, that`s why we wanted to try C4 , I have good experience with server staff..


Any way all was right, but i could not enter the server..


Because I have problem like http://forum.ragezone.com/f263/help-client-665-or-660-needed-172029/ << this...

and I need Patched Protocol 665 System for C4 , but it is impossible to find it in internet, i was searching for that file for 2 days and only thing i found was one patched version, maked by Hero1711 .. But any way link to rapidhare was broken..

Because it was 3 years ago...


Can somebody help me please?

Is there any other way how to enter server with out 665 patched version..


I already tryied change server protocols from 1 to 999, but still can`t get in, because i need that update..


P.S Sorry for english, i would be very thanful if some body would post some link or place where I can get my update or solution of my problem...

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I tryied http://www.4shared.com/file/117437375/b618562d/C4_by_Raule.html <-- this one


but anyway I couldn't connect.  :(


Maybe there is some other links? Or ways how to get around this problem.


And where is hero1711  :'(



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i think you do something wrong

you enter in l2.ini the ip?


yes I entered IP 


I was able to Login in my acc,

but when I select server press OK


NOTHING heapens! :S


I think reason is in protocols!

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