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[Gracia Final] L2 Fire Angel


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I'd like to introduce you a brand new and really good midle rate server.


Since the server is new and the staff is currently even adding new things you have the chance to become big quite easy, however if I were you I'd do it fast, before the server gets crowded


About the Server:


There are many bunches of texts like this one, however I can assure you this one is telling you the truth and not lies like most servers use to do.


Are you also bored from all these standard server concepts? Login-Farm-PvP? Well seems like the staff was too. They brought some completly new things in there. New NPC's, and everything. There won't be standard PvP and Farm Areas like MoS and such anymore. You will get to see place you didnt even knew they exist!


That's the unique thing about L2FireAngel. They do everything to fit the ideals of their community. Besides the Staff is totally active, since they are still working at the server.


Never forget the server is brand NEW!


So take your chance and become BIG!




Chronicle: [glow=red,2,300]Gracia Final / Epilouge[/glow]


EXP: x40

SP: x40

Adena: 250x

Drop: x20



Safe: 4

Max: 16

Succesrate: 66% (retail like)


And one of the best things:




The system they developed is unique and just fantastic.


To keep you updated:


Many things are currently being worked on, which are:

(Just mentioning some of them)


- Unique Farm and PvP Zones / Systems

- Class Balance

- Make the server fit the players wishes

- Getting the server ready in general, since it's brand new.


Don't lose time anymore.

Got curious? Wanna use your chance? Are you ready?






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=D I knew that would come. I thought so myself after firstly joining it. The counter isnt working properly. That has nothing to do with scam even if it does look like that firstly. Believe me or not. Fact is that it's true...


But I pretty much thought like you :D However, that's not on purpose.

Just besides you shouldn't judge a server by his player count but in the whole which would include the Staff and the server concept itself.

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Not sure if this is supposed to be a good "hmmm..." or a bad one :-/


-npc buffer ?? (what buffs? buff time?)

NPC Buffer: Yes

Buffs: Most

Buff Time: 2 Hours


-gm shop till grade ?

Actually there's everything.

The End-Game Equipment is being obtained in a special way though...


Try it you surely won't loose anything :)


They 're currently working @ the custom zones.

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It is quite hard. And this is, of course, done on purpose, since we are a Midle Rate and the vesper shall be something unique to have. But it's not like you'd have to farm countless months or weeks to get it :) Just try it out.


We had some problems editing the stats from the mobs in our new farming zones, which probably is the reason it's not 100% done yet. I've edited them. Tomorrow it should be done. Allthough they are killable ofc lol ^^


Nope the Server actually isn't really in BETA Phase, however we are brand new and constantly adding new things aswell as fixing buggs to improve the gameplay and make it fit your ideals :)


Since we once were players also, we're perfectly aware of the needs you have :))


(My goal is to split the monsters into three kinds which will be spread around the zones:


First kind of monsters will be kinda normal to kill but drop AA adena which will be seen as "ok".

Second kind of monsters will be harder to kill but drop a kind of nice amount of AA and such, aswell as chances to drop other things like LS, Scrolls etc.

The third kind of monster will be monsters you'll probably need to kill in a small party. They'll drop something special :)


In every action we do, we ofc do not loose the goal we want to achieve:


To keep the balance and to not make it too much custom (We dont have any custom items or something like that, dont worry) so we acutally keep the good old L2 feeling.

If you have any suggestions, problems, or critism dont hestitate to contact me :)


We are trying to do everything we can to make you feel comfortible on the very unique L2FireAngel Server :)

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cause this srv doesn't have a forum yet I will ask here.. what are the chance for mobs to drop life stones and scrolls? and where I can get blessed scrolls? since you can't enchant vesper with normal scrolls due to high price

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Currently getting a forum up. The chance to drop ls and scrolls... well referring to which kinds? I've edited the farm zone mobs to drop them by a "low" chance which sould be around 20% or something like that... perhaps a bit lower, but it's changing to how strong the monster is.

Blessed Scrolls are dropped from several Raidbosses.


As mentioned we are still configuring some things, so changes will (obviously) come :)

However, dont worry, we'll keep the good ol2 L2 ;) Since we once we players too and know the common needs of you ;)

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