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[share +Guide] l2 Walker !!


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-USA should be selected in the white box to the far left.

-Now select the server in the second box (to the right of "HOST").

-Now select which character u want (1 through 7).

-Enter the account name and password in the two boxes right of those.

-Login, Logout and Restart are the same as in-game.

-Begin Combat/End Combat starts and stops the bot to attack mobs.

-Sit/Stand will make your character sit or stand.

-Basic Actions is like your actions menu in game. (drop down list)

-Social is the emotes that are in game ie. /socialsad (drop down list)

-Enable/Disable toggles on and off your walker settings (bot is on if u see enable, off if u see disable)

-Right under the login options are your health and mp bars, as well as current weight and exp

-Right under those are the hp/mp bars of your target, along with its name and level, if it's a monster.

-Virtual Map, right under the health bars, is an overview of what is actually happening.

-Monsters will be displayed as Green squares, Npc's as Yellow squares, Players as Blue squares, Party Members as Dark Blue squares, your target as a Purple square, and your self as a Red square.

-The wide, red square is your current Radius (The area in which you will get mobs).

-The slider will zoom in or out the map, down to a 1:1 scale or up to a 1:36 scale.

-Realmap will display the terrain overview.

-Z-Range will make you see monsters that are within the set Z coordinates that your character is currently at. (For example, if I set it at 200, and my char is on a Z coordinate of 2000, it will display any mobs that have 1800 to 2200 as Z coordinate.)


Top Windows on the right

-The window to the right of the Virtual Map contains mostly character data.

-Char is your character stats.

-Party displays your partymates, their hp/mp, level and class.

-Inv displays equipped items as well as inventory items. Equipped items will be shown with a checkmark on the right of those.

-Skills is a listing of all your skills, active and passive. You also want to use this window if you wish to use any skills manually (Double Click the name of the skill).

-Buffs is a listing of all the buffs you currently have on and their level.

-Buddy is a realtime display of your friendlist.

-Clan displays all your clanmates, as well as their level, and class, and offline/online status.


Bottom Windows on the right

-Player will display all the player names within your vicinity, as well as their class, clan title and exact location. You can also click their names to see a resume of their apparent equipements. You can also double click their name to target them.

-Mons lists all the monsters in the vicinity, as well as their exact location. You can also target a monster double clicking their name. You can also right click and set the attack type for these kinds of mobs - very useful for not attacking chests.

-NPC will display a listing of all the NPC, and works the same way as the other two.

-Items will display a listing of the items on the ground.

-Pets will obviously display all the pets in your surroundings the same way this window displays monsters and PCs.

-Map will display the in-game map, as well as your current location on it.

-Report is a very useful window. It's a simple report of all the monsters you have killed, the exp you have made, the levels you have made, the items you picked up, the adena per hour and your botting time.


L2 Information

-The lower, larger window is your chat window. Obviously lists all the chats available in game. Its not like In-Game chat however u must select the chat channel u wish to speak in on the left hand side of where u enter text.

-The settings window will allow you to change any colors of the text in this window, as well as let you set an auto-shout.


Basic Options

-Relogin is for relogging if your bot gets disconnected. I'd recommend setting no lower than 60 seconds, so you won't flood the server.

-Dead Return will make your character go back to town after the time period has passed after your character died.

-Dead logout will make your character log out once the period of time has passed after your character died.

-Enable login delay should always be checked. Don't uncheck it and don't touch the options under it.

-Logout when X mins exp not add will make your character log out if it doesn't get any exp for the set period of time.

-Logout when X mins party members less than Y will make your char logout if your party drops under Y members and stays this way for X mins.

-Down Level is a useful features for Farmers. It will automatically make your char attack NPCs that will attack you back, thus making you die and lose exp. If you set this feature, make sure to set dead return. You will also have to set the guards that your character will force attack. (Every time u attack a guard after you respawn from the death it will come back after you, for one more kill)

-Level will obviously make your character attack the NPCs until it has reached the set level.

-Auto Make Item is for Dwarves to set up for crafting items


Heal Options

-Use Relax Skill - Check if you can use Relax. (Human Fighter Skill, they regen HP faster at the cost of MP)

-Sit and Stand percentages will make your char sit and stand and the set percentages. If you don't check stand, your char will stand up at 100%. Now I don't recommend using any of the sit/stand settings if you have a party with a healer.

-HP/MP Protect are heals for your character. The first one will make your character use heal potions at the set percentage in combat. All of the other ones are set for skills. Check Use in Combat if you want your char to use it in combat.

-HP < X% logout will make your character logout once he reached this specific percent. (don't set this to low takes 15 secs for char to disappear when in combat, set for around 25% at the least)

-Flee will make your character run once it reaches the set % or when you're aggroed by the set number of mobs. I've never used this because it will make your char run in a random direction and it will most likely get stuck, and you will die anyways, and will have no ideas where you dropped your stuff

-Abnormity Buff settings will make your char auto-use items to cure bleeding and poison, and if no items are available, it will use skills. (self-use)

-Delays on the far right column are to delay the time in-between what u have set (notice heal pots are at 10 sec delay by default, it takes 10 secs for 1 heal pot to wear off, no need wasteing pots)


Self Buffs

-Check the squares for the buff lines you want to use, then select the buff in the drop down menu. You can change the delay if you want, but most buffs last 1200 secs. (120 secs for dances/songs) MP > will make your char buff itself only if its MP is above the set amount.

-Auto Detect will re-buff if the buff is gone ie. cancel (i don't recommend using this because if your self buffing Might/Shield someone with lvl 3 can come and buff you and you will keep spamming your buffs because it doesn't detect them since their lvl 1-2, shows your a bot)


Combat Heal

-Combat Heal isn't really heals, it's the soulshot/toggle skill menu.

-Use Shot menu obviously makes you use Soulshots.

-The first line is: If target has over X Health Points, use [select type] shot at a X ms delay.

-The second one is: If target's level is above X, use ...

-The Third one is: If you are surrounded by X mobs and up, use...

-The Fourth one is: If your HP drops below X Health Points, use...

-The Fifth one is: If your MP drops below X Mana Points, use...

-The Sixth one is: If you're in a situation that your character needs to protect another member of the party, use...

-Skills shot is a menu that allows to set shot use for single skills.

-Open skills are basically toggle skills, doesn't work well for any other types of skills. It will automatically start a toggle skill before entering combat, and toggle it off after combat. MP > means that it will only use it if MP is above the set number.

-The only use I can see to Target Dead Use Skill is for the Corpse Life Drain skill. It will make you use skills like this if you beat a mob and your character is under the set percentage of HP.

-In the Dwarf Settings, checking autosweep will make you spoil a mob each and every single time before you attack it, unless you don't have MP anymore.

-Fail retry will make you retry it if you fail your spoil.

-Automake is a feature that will make your dwarf craft the selected item when it is above the set number of MP.


Party Setting Main & Member Section

** Note ** All the names you input in here, and everywhere in the bot are Case Sensitive!!!! That means you have to respect the lower case letters and the upper case letters if you want it to work well! otherwise it just won't work and might get you killed!! **


-Send Party Invite will make your character automatically send a party invite to the character you will choose from the drop-down menu or that you will punch there.

-Party Loot is pretty self explanatory: It's the party loot settings, Same options as in-game party settings.

-Sleep When XXXX's mp is under XX% and stand once it's above XX% (will sit down for healer to regen and stand when full, on healer select "Follow Healer Sit" for this to work)

-Dismiss When I is Header (means that if char is leader of party kick everyone out of party, new feature since in c3 when party leader leave party next to be invited becomes leader)

-Active follow will make your character follow the set names there. (if u have more then one name i don't think it will auto follow anyone)

-Auto accept invite will make you accept any party invites from the names you will put their

-Follow healer sit is to be used in conjunction with the sleep when helper's MP is lower than XX settings. Have your fighter sit when your healer's MP is low and set your healer to follow your tank and it's sits.

-Follow healer action will make your bot imitate any social action (Dances, Laughs, Greetings) that the characters set in active follow will perform.

-Active Follow Attack will make your character attack after the character that is set in Active Follow has landed the first attack.

-Don't solo counteratk mons (means when using Active follow atk, don't solo the mobs if other can't get to it)

-Attack when healer selected target will make your character attack as soon as the person set in active follow targets a monster. (ie. setting up healer to root and fighter to attack)

-Protect Party Member ( will attack any mobs that are attacking the players in this list, high priorty will leave what its killing and go for those)

-When atk run behind "name" (if attacked runs behind player u have in list)

-Auto Sleep (not sure)

-Sleep Mons,Num > xx (will sleep mons if u have more then set amount, ie use 1 and healer will sleep 2nd mob that aggros)


Other Section

-When member dead wait XX s. (I'm not sure about this one, its either log out or rez)

-When XXXXX logout, wait XX (s) logout (Will make your char logout if the selected chars logout after the set period of time)

-When Party Members less than X, wait X min then logout (When your party has less than X members, your character will logout on its own after the set period of time)

-Aptitude Dance and Song (if party leader has a check on this, it will auto kick the bd and sws when they sing and dance (if auto invite is on will also reinvite them right after they sing and dance, This is so the bd and sws don't get any of each others buffs)

-Follow NPC Chat Follow Member XXXX (set up to pm others in name list to follow the same npc chat)

-Follow Go Home (uses a soe when char they are following does)


Party Buffs

** Note ** Again, please remember that the names settings are case sensitive and it won't work well if you don't respect Upper and Lower case Letters **


-Rect is the distance at which your buffer should run to buff your character if it is due for buffs

-For the rest, it works just like normal buffs, except you can input name

-Check the left checkbox to activate the buff line, choose the buff from the dropdown menu and set the delay, which should be left at 20 minutes.



Party Heals

-Range is the range you want your healer running to heal your party members if they are below the heal settings.

-Check the boxes on the left to activate the line.

-Set the percentage of HP you want your healer to heal your party at.

-Choose the heal from the dropdown menu, check the checkbox if you want your healer to heal while in fight or not.

-MP > is to set an amount of MP you want your healer to stop healing when it is under.

-MP works the same way as HP, except it's for the recharge spell (SE & EE only)

-When X or more party members are under X% HP, use XXXXX skill (Group Heal)

-Auto Rez PartyPlayer (set the name of player u want to rez if it dies, must be in party)

-Allow use item will use a scroll if u don't have rez skill

-Clear Party Abnormity buffs will make your char use the appropriate skills if any of your party members gets hit by poison, bleeding, paralysis or sleep (waking scrolls)


Control Setting

** I don't recommend using this section, if u run 2 walkers on same computer it will auto detect HP/MP just like if in party, even on 2 different computer walker will still cure abnormity buffs, and it looks funny if GM's check your chat logs (which they do if your reported) **


-Control settings are basically commands you can send to your bot to use certain skills. The first box on the top is for sending commands automatically, and the second one on the bottom is for setting what to do when receiving a command.

-Send request (Check this if you want your bot to send typed commands on certain conditions)

-Recv Name (Type the name of the person you want your bot to send the command to)

-Now from the drop down menu, you can choose a list of options to use with those commands.

-Self HP % < Means if your HP is under a definite percentage.

-Self MP % < Means if your MP is under a definite percentage.

-Delay (s) is if you want to set a delay to send the vocal command periodically.

-Check Recv Request if you want your bot to react to certain requests.

-Send Name is the name of the person who will be sending the request PM.

-Text is the received text in PM to react to when your bot gets it. Then you choose a skill from the dropdown list, and click add.


Items Setting

-Pick will make you pick up an item or not (don't use this, scream bot when they is terrian littered with wooden arrows etc.)

-Sell - I'm not sure, someone please clarify this for me.

-Store - I'm not sure either, someone please clarify this for me.

-GM use - Will make you use this item if you detect a GM. Then again, I am not sure, someone please clarify this for me.

-Del - Works in conjunction with the Auto Del Load function. (use this instead for getting rid of useless items)

-All same button will set all the items to the same settings of the currently selected item.

-Pick up item. distance - Will make you pick up or not items within the distance (if you have this checked and don't have only pick mine someone can throw a item in front of you and you will run for it, its also how ppl make bots follow adena trails over cliffs, into boss mobs etc.) (i used to do this in AL to farmer bot parties, send em into a room full of aggros, make adena trail starting in room going towards their party, silent move ftw)

-Pick up items before ATK. (Will make you pick up the items on the ground before you attack other monsters)

-Only pick mine ( bot only picks up its own, however if u can't pick up something from a certain angle and bot moves on u have to manually go back to pick it up or uncheck this and hope u get near the adena next time or leave it be)

-Auto Del Load will make you delete the items you have checked as Del in the upper part when your weigh is above the set number of percents.


One part of L2 walker Deserves special attention. Here it is:


This is the script window it lists the name of scripts your able use.


Start :: Pause/Continue :: Stop --> Pretty Self Explanatory used to activate pause or deactivate the script.


To Make Scripts:


Open up in Notepad and either


a.)write your own code

b.)Copy and paste a script into notepad



When Finished

Save your script:


Make sure to change your Encoding type to Unicode


Also if you want your scripts to operate for In Game Walker you must save the script with .SEC in all caps or InGame will not detect the script


Once you have saved it to localdrive\walkerpath\SCRIPT\


You can simply go back to OOG walker and right click in the script selection and choose Flash to add your new script to the list



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