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[Gracia Final L2J] L2 Zero


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New server is starting TODAY! - 2009.12.13


20:00 GMT+2






- Rates:

XP: 75x SP: 75x

Aden: 150x Drop: 50x

Spoil: 50x PP Rate: 2x

Quest: 25x QD: 25x


- Enchant:

Succes: 66% Max: 16

Safe: +3/4


- NPC:

Shop, Buffer

Luxary Gk, Custom 7Signs

Class Master, Material Shop


- Other:

Olympiad, Hero Period: 1 week.

Castle Siege, Clan Halls.

Vitality System, Raid Bosses.

Gracia Zones, Skills, Geodata.

Auto Skill Learn, 1h buffs.

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