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item-inventori help



re pedia 3erei kaneis ti na ta kanw auta apo ta config gia na pigenoun ta item sto inventori me tin mia? :)



# Server optimizations


# === Flood Protector ===

# set the initial size of the flood protector (should equal ~player count)

FloodProtectorInitialSize = 50

# === Items on ground management ===

# Allow players to drop items on the ground

AllowDiscardItem = True

# delete from world dropped reward items after n seconds. 0 - disabled

AutoDestroyDroppedItemAfter = 0

# Time in secs after wich droped herb will be autodestroyed (default: 15 seconds)

AutoDestroyHerbTime = 15

# List of items that will not be destroyed (seperated by ",")

# NOTE: Make sure the lists do NOT CONTAIN trailing spaces or spaces between the numbers!

# items on this list will be protected regardless below options

ListOfProtectedItems = 57,5575,6673


# also delete from world misc. items dropped by players (all except equipable items)

# NOTE: work only if AutoDestroyDroppedItemAfter >0

DestroyPlayerDroppedItem = False

# Destroy also equipable items (armor, weapon, jewelry)

# NOTE: Work only if DestroyPlayerDroppedItem = True

DestroyEquipableItem = true


# save into DB droppped items for restoring after reboot

SaveDroppedItem = False

# Empty table after items are loaded into memory - safety setting

# if server crash before saving items, on next start old items will be restored

# and players may already picked up some of them - so this will prevent duplicates

EmptyDroppedItemTableAfterLoad = False

# Time interval in minutes to save in DB items on ground, 0 to disable

# NOTE: If SaveDroppedItemInterval is disabled items will be saved into DB only at server shutdown

SaveDroppedItemInterval = 60

# delete all saved items form DB On next start

# NOTE: Work only if SaveDroppedItem = False

ClearDroppedItemTable = False


# delete invalid quest from player

AutoDeleteInvalidQuestData = False

# setting false can improve server performance on high rate servers

PreciseDropCalculation = False

# allows creating multiple nonstackable items at one time

MultipleItemDrop = false

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