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[3.3] Make Random Heroic give Emblems of Frost every time


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As everyone should be aware, the new "Random Lich King Heroic" option introduced in WotLK awards two Emblems of Frost the first time you run it, and two Emblems of Triumph for every subsequent run.


You can, however, avoid this:

Step-by-step guide:


  1. Queue for a random heroic

  2. Clear the instance

  3. On the last boss, Alt+F4 out of WoW before he dies.

        1. You need to still be "online" to the server when he dies

        2. You may not be logged in anymore when he dies

  4. You will get two emblems of frost

  5. The random heroic should still award Emblems of Frost



Have fun!


credits: andros

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