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interlude [Interlude L2J]L2-Evolution


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We are almost there , the opening is near , dear traveller !! Dont miss your chance to be the first in this EPIC battle..


We provide you a perfect L2J environment , stable as much as we can ..!! You wont regret your joining



Experience : x900

Sp : x1000

Adena : x1000

Drop Item : x1 (when have karma you have a chance of droping equiped item 50% and one inventory item 66%


Safe enchantment for every signle it is 3

Max enchantment for weapons is 13

Max enchantment for armors / jewels is 10


Chance enchanting weapon is 66% to +11 , after +11 you have 50% chances to go +13

Chance enchanting armor / jewels is 60% to +8 after +8 you have 50% chances to go +10


We have all retail like features working , here is some of them :


Dueling system

Hero system

Olympiad (Weekly) System

Siege systems

Clan Hall system

Auto learn skills

.unstuck command 25 seconds

Starting adena has been set to 100kk

INT skills 98%

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5 skills 100%

All INT areas and mobs 100% working

RaidBosses works

Augmentation system

Primeval Island System

C5 Areas


and many more ,


Our custom items , npcs , systems :


L2-Evolution has not any custom armor or weapon :)


You need to farm for :


Subclass Star (unlock you the subclass quest - easy)

Noblesse Star (gives you noblesse status - mid)

Hero Star (gives you temporary hero status till restart - dropable)

RaidBoss Jewels (-Hard)

Custom Clan Items (adds +1k rep per click - mid) (can be used once)

TvT Event

CTF Event

PvP Colour System

Custom Anti-Hack system

Adding SA to your S grade weapon cost some Evolution Stones (really few) - When you add a SA on your S Grade weapon the enchantment goes back to +3

LifeStone - (Farmable)


And many , many more!




I Am not admin , just one of the devs



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