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[Gracia Final L2J] L2-Spawn


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Exp: 50x

Sp: 50x

Party xp: 5%more

Adena 50x

Raid Drop: 90x

Drop: x50

spoil: x10

Quest reward: x1

Quest item: x10




Auto-create account

Easy class transfer

GM buffers (got som bugs yet, working on that)

GM shop up to s-grade

s80-s84 on raids

Book Of Wisdom is from raids and from the farming zones

offline shops!

Easy sub-class

No donations

A friendly staff of GM's





Enchants = 66% succes rate, safe to +3, max enchant +16

Blessed = Secret :P



ScreenShot Contest!


HI! We will now kick off a screenshot contest! to participate, do the following:

Take a nice screenshot, pack up it to a .rar file

and sending mad e-mail to:


Email will also contain your character name!

When I receive your mail, I will upload the screenshot (Within 24 hours) to the gallery on our main page, where you can vote among the images.

the most votes (not the highest scores) wins!




maximum of 5 photos/ ip /account

only pictures taken on L2-Spawn

images should be formatted as .bmp

the image may NOT be edited in tx Photoshop / Paint Shop

the image can't exceed 5mb



1st prize = 8 EWS

2nd prize = 8 ewa

3rd prize = 8 ewb

the awards is given to the character with the name contained in the email.

Contest starts now! and ends November 26th at 18.00 pm GMT +0


http://l2-spawn.page.tl - U are Welcome :)

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