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[Help] Skills after level 80 .



Hello guys...


I use Gracia Final...Everything is ok except one thing.

After level 80 Characters dont get their lvl 81 and 82 buffs.

What is the problem????    Moreover ,i check in my files server and i see that the skills exist,but ppls cant get them.

Any ideas how to solve my problem ? :(

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they can learn them with books, the lvl 81-84 lvl skills are like this.


if u want the skills to be auto-learned u can add them on skilltrees from navicat

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Thx for infos ExtremeDwarf....


But there is still one problem.I add forgoten scrolls so most of them are ok.

Now only these skills dont exist in forgoten scrolls(maybe you have them??) :


Pain of Shilen

Spirit of the Demon

Archer's Will

Fighter's Will

Evasion Haste

Protection of Rune

Protection of Elements

Protection of Alignment

Expose Weakness

Step of shadow


I have these skills in my files.

So what need to do now? :/

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