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[L2J] L2 nuLL


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L2 nuLL - Lineage II Gracia Epilogue




Promo Video:




Server Informations:


General Features


    * XP Rate: 500x

    * SP Rate: 500x

    * Party XP/SP Rate: 2x

    * Adena Rate: 1000x

    * Enchant Rate: 66%

    * Blessed Enchant Rate: 100%

    * Weapon Safe Enchant: +3

    * Armor Safe Enchant: +3

    * Maximum Enchant: 20

    * Professional administration (English and Portuguese GMs)

    * Powerful dedicated server.

    * All 81+ skills working.

    * Auto learn skills

    * Auto loot



Custom NPCs:


    * GK Global

    * GK Facilitator

    * GM Shop

    * Accessory Shop

    * Pets & Bracelets

    * Tattoo Shop

    * Scheme Buffer (Buffer and Pet Buffer)

    * Buffer



Global Gatekeepers

There are two teleport NPCs. The Global GK teleports you to every area in the game. The GK Facilitator teleport you to the custom farm areas of our server and some arenas.



We have four shops to trade itens in our server. In the GM Shop you find all itens from D grade to Vesper, also you find scrolls, consumables, potions, etc. You can also buy the noblesse quest final item, so you just deliver it to the last NPC of the quest and you become noble. The Tattoo Shop is responsible for trade custom Tattoos that increases your stats. The other two shops are responsible for pets, aghations, acessories, etc.



You'll find two buffer NPCs, the conventional buffer and a scheme buffer where you can create buffs profiles with custom buffs. The buffs in our server lasts 3 hours.





Team vs Team (TvT)

The Team vs Team (TV) event is a battle between five teams. The winner team is the one who score most points. In order to participate, you need to type the command .jointvt when the event is announced. This event occurs every 2 hours and the prize is 2 GoldBar and 1 Giant's Codex. All the players in the winner team gets the prize.



The RaidBoss event is a event where a random Boss (Valakas, Antharas, Baium or Baylor) is spawned somewhere in the world. To participate you just need to go where the Boss has been summoned and defeat him. This event happens every 4 hours and it's prize is 1 Gold Bar. Every participant gets the prize when the Boss is killed.


Arena PvP

The Arena PVP event is a competition where the best scorer of all arenas receive a prize. In order to participate you must go to the nearest arena and begin to defeat all your enemies (other players). The prize for this event is 2 Gold Bars and it happens every 3 hours.



This is the event for those who are tired of blodshed and farm. You just need to pickup your rod and go fishing. The one who scores the most points win 2 Gold Bars as a prize. The prize is delivered every 3 hours.


Handy's Block Checker

This event is like the TvT event. The registered players are teleported to an arena that is full of colored bricks, half of it belongs to team 1 and the other half to team 2. In order to win you must capture as much bricks from the enemy as you can. To participate you must go to Fantasy Isle, talk with the Gatekeeper (Fantasy Isle Paddies) and ask him to send you to Block Checkers Arena. There you'll find 4 Npcs. To register you just need to talk with one of them. When two or more players are registered, it will appear a message asking if you want to start the event. The winner team will receive Fantasy Isle Coins that can be used to trade for various items in the Gatekepper (Fantasy Isle Paddies).



Farm Areas


There are three custom farm areas in our server. For those who are starting, the most recommended area is the Emerald Square, where you will find mobs from level 20 to level 80 with custom adena drop. The other two areas, Chromatic Highlands and Isle of Prayer is for the veteran players, you will find champion mobs there that drops a lot of adena and Gold Bars with 40% of chance.





    * Protection against DualBox in events (It looks into the machine IP, not the WAN IP, so those who play in Cyber Cafes are free to play)

    * Report BOTs button implemented (You can find it in the action menu)

    * Offline Shops (Open a shop and exit the game, your character will still be logged selling items)

    * Champion Monsters (Strong mobs with Champion Title, they drop Gold Bars with a chance of 40% and more adena than de normal ones)

    * Balanced Olympiads (All your stuff is treated as a +6 itens in the battles)

    * Castle Sieges

    * Fortress Sieges

    * Territory Wars

    * Balanced Classes for improved gameplay



Server Staff

nuLL - Administrator

basal - Administrator


More Info:



Best Regards,

L2 nuLL Team! 1 Year Online.


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This srv can be good but max enchant suck =/ decrase it to 16 or 20 (Better)


Anyway i wont try this srv i hate gracia :P



quit trying to spam posts to get ur post # up lmfao /life dude

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Accounts: 3532

Characters: 5527

Players Online: 75


Hmm at those all acc/character 75 isnt good at all =/ Anyway keep growing :P

Also site nice :)


Good Luck with srv :)

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