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interlude [Interlude L2off] L2eXtreme


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The legend has returned!


Visit the page, vote for the chronicle, since it hasnt been decided yet!




c4/interlude or gracia final


Exp: 35x

Sp: 45x

Adena: 250x


- Hero tournament

- Seal Stones system

- L2x hero skills!

- Dusk/Titanium


- Most balanced pvp engine ever

- many other unique features


www.lineage2extreme.com  The legend, the father of l2 private servers is back!

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I'll join here for sure :P If u choose Interlude and remove Dusk/Titanium :P

Dusk look ugly and as i suppose those will be custom right ??

Custom suck at mid just make it S and/or Dynasty Set's retail like + dynasty weapons ;)



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website ugly (no header logo), kinda low weight of the template.


try to use the fluid version of that WoW vbulletin theme.


also, you cant post a server that isnt yet ONLINE.


so, topic CLOSED.


(pm to any mod when the srv is open to pubblic).


thanks for understanding.


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