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interlude [Interlude+Gracia Final L2J] L2 Limited


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Hi all new PvP Server l2limited opened 31st October And we Have one Gracia Final Server and one Interlude(c6) Server.Both PvP Servers

Server is in only 6 days On and We caught 24 people :P Soon in Hopzone..We have it to Topzone and top 200 L2 Srvrs.


.:Server Info:.--->


All Npc's Are Spawned In Giran 9 (In 2 days in Every Town)

x10.000 Xp, Sp, Adena

x10 Drop,Spoil

Enchant Safe:: +10 Enchant Max +30 Success Rate 85% Normall and 100% Blessed

Full Protection Anti Hacking

Anti Phx Enchant

Anti Phx Announce

Anti Phx Damage Hack

Trade Bug Fixed

Server Soon Will be on hopzone and on other Voting Sites

                <Big>No Donation (in srvr there is an npc who says donate items..these items are the boss jlsw and Lifestones wich there are in Our GMshop Lance)

Our Site::  www.l2limited.ucoz.com   (Our SIte Is Not so good cause its Under COstraction-->I mean its a simple site ^_^)

For our G3 server you need Gracia Final Client

For Our Interlude(c6)you need Interlude client


Have fun!! and thank you for your attention SmileySmiley

Join Us!!

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