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Same files as RPG-CLUB, fresh start, I heard even same admins.





Server is full functional Gracia Final.

Client and server languages: Russian and Enlish.

Test-server rates x2000


Official rates:

Exp: X20

SP: X20

Adena: X20 amount (100% chance)

SealStone: X5 amount (100% chance)

Drop: X20 chance

Drop: X2 chance, X10 amount (for stock items)

Spoil: X10 amount

Quest: X5 amount (drop items, some quests)

Quest rewards: X10 (for exp and adena)


Server will go live at : 17.10.2009 11:00 (+3 GMT)

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> Server Start, new features


Gamesite and forum features:


Main site w/o statistic subsection is fully translated into english

Server start countdown (graciafinal.ru on the main page)

Forum registration form is english by default (russian before)



Game features:


Community server is up (B key ingame)

Pumpkin event



In a short time

Vk.com social network group (graciafinal.ru)

Twitter thread (Follow graciafinal.ru)

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he will probably see it but not cause he will didn't lost is rest of life on computer !


and that site sux cause that all messed up lol

to  many think for nothing

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