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[FTP] Aion: The Tower of Eternity Fastest Download FTP Links

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Game/Mod/Application Aion - Tower of Eternity


Publisher NCsoft

Developer NCsoft

Website/s http://www.plaync.com/us/games/aion/

Release Schedule PC

Description	 An original, expansive MMORPG by NCsoft’s Seoul development studios. In Aion, players are divided between those that are "The Chosen" and those that are "The Fallen." The Tower of Eternity exists as a gateway into the Abyss, and acts as a portal between dimensions. When a great evil opens the gateways, it awakens the Dragons imprisoned within the Abyss, who seek revenge on both worlds. It is here that an epic conflict begins, as you take your first steps on a journey to bring salvation to the world.

Experience an exciting change in the way players can interact with their environment within a massively multiplayer world. With the power of the Crytec game engine, you will be able to climb sheer cliffs and fly through moving clouds. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between angels, demons and dragons to control the fate of the world. You will evolve Aion's storylines through social, economic and cultural experiences that are both interactive and cinematic.


Aion China open Beta Client Part 1 of 4

AION_Setup_0.9.5.0.exe 89.33 MB 24/03/2009

Aion China open Beta Client Part 2 of 4

Data.z01 1.86 GB 24/03/2009

Aion China open Beta Client Part 3 of 4

Data.z02 1.86 GB 24/03/2009

Aion China open Beta Client Part 4 of 4

Data.z03 1.86 GB 24/03/2009

Aion China open Beta Client part 5

Data.zip 370.49 MB 24/03/2009


Aion - Tower of Eternity Fileplanet Beta Client

AionFullInstaller_FP.zip 6.13 GB 02/07/2009






width=576 height=768http://gon.cdn.on.net/screenshots/a/0/1565/2009-04-17/pc/Aion_Concept_Artwork_0102.jpg[/img]

width=576 height=768http://gon.cdn.on.net/screenshots/a/0/1565/2009-05-30/pc/ce_male_earring.jpg[/img]


- TehGeorge

Links tested by me, also and the game is tested by me!

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