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[Hellbound L2J] L2Toxic

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1. The best Hellbound files around.

2. Commercial Geodata

3. Very Powerfull server

4. Top Premium Network


Server Specs:


- Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHZ.

- 16 GB RAM.

- 2 x 300GB Fujitsu 15000 rpm SCSI HD.


Game Specs:


- Private Hellbound server files, not L2J not public files.

- Lineage 2 Hellbound Full.

- No overpowerful donations.

- Special Dynasty exchange system.

- All newbie have top no-grade weapon and armors.

- Rates 50x XP/SP, 100x Adena, 10x Seal Stones, 10x Drops, 10x Spoil.

- Quest Items Drop rates are x5.

- Adena rate is dynamic for newbie:

1-10 lvl - x1000

10-20 lvl - x500

20-30 lvl - x300

30-40 lvl - x200

40+ lvl - x100

- Unique economic balance and additional currency - Festival Adena.

- S grade only drop or craft.

- RaidBoss 50x XP/SP, 100x Adena, 10x drop.

- Many interesting events!

- Anti-bot/Anti-hack system.

- GmShop.

- NpcBuffer.

- Off-Line Trade.

- NPC EXP Down.

- Npc change classes.

- Maximum level of the basic class - 85

- Maximum level of the subclass - 80

- 81+ Skills

- Books for skills 81+ level drop from epic bosses.

- Custom items Vesper.

- Time Buff: 2 h.

- Time Dance: 2 h.

- Time Song: 2 h.

- Max Enchant: 20.

- Safe Enchant: +3.

- Up to Hellbound Areas.

- Up to Hellbound Mobs.

- Up to HellboundRaidboss.

- Up to Hellbound Skills.

- Up to Hellbound Weapons/Armors.

- Up to Hellbound Drops/Spoils.

- Up to Hellbound Clan lvl/Clan skills/Academy.

- Up to Hellbound Castles and Clan halls.

- Augmentation/Herbs working.

- Shadow weapons working.

- Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah working.

- Commercial (not public) Geodata.

- All features from Hellbound working.



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    • Went ahead and made some small emitters  they look clunky but on UnrealED, but they're way better ingame. Just add the files to your System, after that you can use L2Tool to edit NPCLogoTex.u and change these textures: then, to use them, you just need to open npcgrp.dat and change the npc's class i.e.: 30359    LineageNPC.a_patriarch_MDarkElf    LineageNPCs.a_patriarch_MDarkElf_m00 to 30359    NPCLogo.NPCLogoA    LineageNPCs.a_patriarch_MDarkElf_m00   I added 10 effects, so you can use them from the letter A to the letter J   download compiled .u download .u source scripts (in case you wanna try to recompile them)  
    • u need copy it from Classic to Classic ? or Classic to IL ? easy copy problem its only with NPC set when can use it... try write to @NevesOma he can make this effect 😉
    • Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to our private server L2 Red Sun - High Five. After the successful launch of the server in 2017, we are coming again with a new season. What can you look forward to? All High Five Features, PvP, lots of fun, Anti-Bot system, Active GMs, lots of events. The official launch of the server is planned for 2022-12-17. Follow our website https://l2rs.com/   L2 Red Sun – Lineage 2 High Five Grand Opening: 2022-12-17 – watch our website Website: https://l2rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/8XS2aNpmDA Mid Rate server 20x All High Five features Play to win – No Pay to win! Mass PvP, a lot events and much more! Experiance (EXP)  - 20x     Skill Points (SP) - 5x      Adena  - 5x      Drop Items - 5x     Spoil - 10x     Max Enchant - + 25   Enchant chance - 53 %   Attribute Stone / Crystal chance - 30 / 25 % Buff slots - 28 + 12 (buffs + dance) ✅   Buffs, Dances, Songs Durations - 2 hours ✅   Subclass max. level - 85 ✅   Subclass count - 4 ✅   Anti-bot (captcha) - command .testbot ✅   Anti-bot client and server side (Strix-Guard) ✅ Full GM LOG in real time on Website (no more corrupt GMs) ✅   Geodata ✅   Offline shop ✅   Olympiad for 14 days ✅   Anti-DDOS protection ✅ Active GMs ✅   Scheme buffer ✅   Shop to S grade ✅   Olympiad for 14 days (1. and 15. in month) ✅   Donate only for Premium account (no-items) ✅   All Instance / Grand Boss Working fine ✅  website: www.l2rs.com Forum: www.forum.l2rs.com We look forward to you GMs L2 Red Sun
    • You need to recompile effects and NPC scripts, it isn't hard to do, do you have any experience with that whatsoever? lemme know and i might be able to give you a hand through here
    • Update - Ad Banners for L2Infinity  
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