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[share] IgExt plugin&script for ph.


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1. do not work on IL or c4 (need to rewrite a lot of html parts in plugin. i dont want to do it  :P)

2. theoritical works on kamael and all gracia's (need to change packets id and some struct of packets in script)

3. all modifications to adapt it must be done in script. (dll do not work with lineage protocol. everithing related with packets in script)

4. tested on pt2 servers. works perfect :P

5. will work only with latest l2ph (latest build of there was 5 or 6 with same version) you can get it here HERE

6. also its was writed for myself. and i wont support it :P want change something - do it by yourself. sources of plugin: HERE.


how to "install"

1. unpack igext.rar (you can get compilled version here) to plugins folder of hp.

2. run ph.

3. in "automation-plugins" mark checkbox near igext.

4. in "automation-scripts" create a new script and put there this source.


5. change next values

* characterName = character name  ;D  (ex. helloworld)

* SettingsName = name of ini file where you want to store configs of bot. (ex. helloworld)

* DataFolder = path to lgext folder (must be in plugins folder)


6. mark the script for execute.

7. run the game


when you in game push 1st social action (alt+c - greetings).

game menu should appear. configure it and have fun.


for sure. most of things there looks and work like things in l2walker. so. i hope you will not have any problems with configuring it.


some screens for understanding what its can do.

(erms. i need





rest settings & rest point :



pickup settings:



mobs settings:



area and range settings



self heal settings



self buff settings



skills settings



autospoil settings (aapears only when player got spoil/sweep skills)



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it would be better if it was in english..


in plugins\IgExt\data replace ItemNames.ini, NpcNames.ini, SkillNames.ini with english version taken from 83rev(eng) of ph or created by you own (i hope you got them Tongue coz default in russian)


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    • no. Im stupid. fixed.     public void setPolymorphInfo(CharSelectSlot polymorphInfo)     {         _polymorphInfo = polymorphInfo;                  for (WorldObject object : getKnownType(Player.class))         {             if (object instanceof Player)             {                 sendInfo(object.getActingPlayer());             }         }     } its not Object its WorldObject.
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