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[Interlude L2OFF] L2 Archaic


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Hey everyone!


First off I would like to welcome ya'll to L2Archaic!        ( www.l2archaic.com or you can find us under DAIRC #l2archaic ) Reminding you that this is a brand new server + forum and community.


Before we proceed with this project. We need to know there's a demand out there for a highrate. So Register and show us you're interested in the project!


We got a very unusual system for a highrate and hopefully this will keep the game interesting for a longer period of time. Instead of a highrate where you hit lvl 80 in a day and there's barely anything to do afterwards. We intend on bringing you an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience here at L2Archaic.


The Interlude features are as close to perfect as it get's ( We will post a list of features later on). So while we work on all the aspects of the server, please register so we atleast know there are people out there that are interested in what we are working on!


There are plans in motion already to move to Hellbound. However this might take a few months as we need to develop the files to an extent where it's actually seen as Hellbound.. Not C4 with Kamaels!


More information will be posted in a near future!


In order for the project to follow through we need the community to build on, there will be no launch of a hellbound client until the staff have finnaly fixed the attribute system for weapons and armors.


We will be opening up a fool polls within the next day or so for the community to come in and vote on regarding EXP rates and Adena rates.


As you may see we have a very developed feature list with many ideas and plans for the server to keep it as real as possible, with no custom armors and weapons.

The only updates you will see is a few custom npcs, npc buffers, customized raid drops to balance with the high rates. And we will also be featuring a new style of SA system so that over enchanted weapons will kill the server in the end game run.

We understand that the higher the rates, the sooner people hit end game and get bored, but were trying to make things a little bit harder to obtain, and making clans organize better and giving clans and pvp groups a reason to pvp for so you arn't ever bored.


Most highrates only over epics and sieges for a reason to pvp, we will offer alot more, with a balance to the farm system so that people will have to work for their gear unlike most servers.


Come check out the forum, register and intoduce yourself and help the community grow into something great.


For more questions just come post your questions on our forum.







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Well i would join but the hellbound update thing changed my mind... dont do the same mistakes renewal did... like easy active/passive skills chance from ls and change chronicle... interlude is the last chronicle which i still enjoy l2.

Anyway gl with your server

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Like I said join the forum, a rates poll will be posted sometime tomorrow after I talk with the admin.


The server will not have easy access to passive/active auguments there will be NO CUSTOM FARM ZONE for life stones, they will only drop at a small rate and chance from 70+ raids and baium,frintezza,valakas,antharas.


And chances of getting a skill from the life stones will be raised, so skill auguments will be quite a rare thing.


Hellbound won't be implemented for A LONG TIME.


And there will most likely be a poll in the FUTURE asking if the community would want hellbound or stay with interlude.


The admin told me that he needs to know people want a midrate with good rates and farm system and balance.


He wants to open a server for a lot of people, not just 50 or 100.


He doesn't want to launch a server to early so that it dies quickly because not many people are on it.


My advice is join the forum make a few posts, ask a few questions and they will be answered, so that we know we have the people to launch it and more will go from there.


We also have an IRC under delta anime Dairc, #l2archaic, you may idle in there.


Polls will be posted sometime tomorrow, right now I am busy with school.



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