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[Guide] R2 Plays


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(topic was posted already in general section but I updated it and posted it in the right section, the old topic is locked)

What is R2Plays?


R2Plays is an utility that captures and does playback of Lineage II replays. It includes major features that I feel the official replay system is missing, namely the display of the full user interface, player names and crests, etc.

It has to capture its own replays because the replays that are generated by the official replay system omit key information for playback with the full UI.

R2Plays is aimed at movie makers to allow them to reenact events and record different camera angles and such. Someone with a weaker computer may record a replay and send it over to someone with a better computer to render a movie at higher quality, for example.

It is also aimed at everybody else as replays can also be shared directly, the recorded replays having file sizes several times smaller than the same length rendered movie.


What's new in R2Plays~Gracia?


  • Replay files are now even smaller
  • No more custom system folder
  • It's easier to use
  • It's prettier


Coming soon:

  • Free Roaming independant of the actual recording character


Setting up R2Plays


1. Setting up Capture


Capture no longer has a window. It only has a tray icon.




When started for the first time, capture will ask that you set the options.




You may select the right device in the list or let R2Plays determine which one is the right interface by pressing the Guess button.


The next step is to select your server~


It is now time to set the Stop Recording Key. Simply press the Change button and press the desired key. This key only stops recording. In order to start recording a new replay, the ingame Replay button is used. A key will work even if it shows no name in the box.


Auto Delete Crests should always be on. This causes Capture to delete L2's crest cache so the game requests all the crests. This way, all the crests will be included in the recorded replay. Click the Browse button to select the path to your Crest.utx file, which is located in <Lineage II>\systextures\crest.utx


The last group of options is for event notifications. If Display a Message is enabled, the tray icon will show a popup describing the various events (New Connection, Start Recording, Stop Recording). The two following options are for sound notifications. Select a .wav file to be played when the event occurs.


That's all for the Capture options.


2. Setting up Playback


2.1 The Loopback Adapter


Installing THE Loopback Adapter


Windows XP


  • Click Start , and then click Control Panel .
  • If you are in Classic view, click Switch to Category View under Control Panel in the left pane.
  • Double-click Printers and Other Hardware , and then click Next .
  • Under See Also in the left pane, click Add Hardware ,and then click Next .
  • Click Yes, I have already connected the hardware , and then click Next .
  • At the bottom of the list, click Add a new hardware device , and then click Next .
  • Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list , and then click Next .
  • Click Network adapters , and then click Next .
  • In the Manufacturer box, click Microsoft .
  • In the Network Adapter box, click Microsoft Loopback Adapter , and then click Next .
  • Click Finish .


Continue to the Configurating the Loopback Adapter section.


Windows Vista


Vista Loopback Adapter installation in pictures:










Continue to the Configurating the Loopback Adapter section.


Configurating the Loopback Adapter


Once the loopback adapter is installed, open the Control Panel, go to Network Connections and locate the newly installed Loopback Adapter. It probably will not have a meaningful name yet, so look in the device description, it should say Microsoft Loopback Adapter or something similar.




Rename it to something meaningful such as Loopback R2Plays by right clicking on it and selecting Rename.


Then, right click on the connection again and select Properties. The property window will open


Locate Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the list




Double click on it and set the connection options to the following:




The Loopback Adapter setup is complete.


Once that is done, start Playback and configure it so it can use the loopback adapter. Right click on the tray icon and go to Network Adapter -> Setup.




The Network Adapter option dialog will open




Simply write the name you gave the Loopback Adapter and click Search to verify if the name is correct.


Confirm the Network Adapter setup dialog. If you configured it right, the loopback adapter should get enabled automatically from now on. The Playback program enables the adapter when it starts and it disables it when it quits.


3. Playback Options


Now that the Network Adapter is in enabled state, start L2 normally. Login with any random info (Whatever you write here does not matter, this is only so the client starts the connection).


If you get a Password Wrong message, your Loopback Adapter is not enabled or it isn't set properly. Verify you put the right IP and that it is enabled in Network Connections.


If you did everything right, you should now be at server list. Select the server, and you should now be at the replay selection screen. Go to the Playback Options page.




Handle Network Adapter: This is whether or not you want Playback to automatically enable the Loopback Adapter when it starts and disable it when it exits. I can't think of any reason why you would possibly want to disable this option, but it's there anyway.


Initial Slowdown: This is the time in seconds the playback speed should be slowed when the playback starts. This allows the client to load all the surrounding objects properly so the following playback is smooth. The specified time is in playback seconds(slowed down), not realtime seconds.


Do not snow invites: This is whether Party/Trade/etc invitations that the player recieved during recording should show during playback.


Do not show windows: This is whether various information windows that the recording player opened (Inventory, Pet status, ...) should display in playback


Backup Replays for Edits: When this option is enabled, R2Plays will backup a replay before doing a permanent edit (ie. Removing chat,inventory, ...)


Fast Key: The key to press to accelerate the replay playback speed. Click the button and press the desired key.


Realtime Key: The key to press to set the playback speed to 1x. Click the button and press the desired key.


Download R2Plays


Installers - These installers include all the requirements for R2Plays to work


Download R2Plays Installer for x86

Download R2Plays Installer for 64bit


Binaries Only - If you do not wish to use the installer, you will need to make sure you have the .Net framework 3.5 and winpcap


Download R2Plays Binaries for x86

Download R2Plays Binaries for 64bit


R2Plays Source - This is not part of R2Plays.


Download R2Plays source


NCSoft's Response to R2Plays


Credits: R2Plays team


Regards, Lainthor.gif

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and with this one u can capture a video and move the screen like you are online on L2?


I'm not sure because I didn't test it but I think it is possible. (I'm not playing Gracia)

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