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interlude [L2J Interlude] L2 Desert Palace PVP


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Server Rates:

- Exp:500x

- SP:500x

- Adena:8500x

- Drop chance:4x

General Informations :


- C1-Interlude Areas

- Interlude skills 90% working

- Class balanced

- 32 buff slots (For better balance)

- Olympiad system

- Siege system

- Wedding system

- Weapon augmentation

- Level zone (61-80)

- Farm zone

- Party farm zone

- Custom Armor (Balanced stats)

- Dynasty weapons (Balanced stats)

- Spawn Protection

- Unstuck command 40 sec

- Custom PVP title colour system

- Custom Raidbosses

- Worldwide Gatekeeper

- Item store (No RB JewelS)

- NPC Buffer

- Gold bar system

- TVT, CTF Events


- NO Corruption

- Daily backups to avoid data loss

- Experienced & active GM Staff

- Safe Enchant: +6

- Max Enchant: +25 For weapons|+ 20 for Armor/jewels

- Enchant Rate: 66%

- Blessed scrolls: 85%



Custom Systems/cmds

.online cmd

.info cmd

.join / .leave for tvt

.bank / .withdraw

PVP Title color system

Castle lord announce

And many, many more!

Server Specifications:


DesertPalace x500

- AMD64 X2 4850E+ 2.8Ghz

- 4096 MB DDR2 RAM

- 500 GB 7.200 RPM

- Windows server 2003 x64 bit


Server has also a level zone where you can level up much faster than the other zones :)


Vote For us every 12 hours

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Ehh the thing is simple ... make a server with no effort add some stupid OP donations and get a lot of money from some stupid people that can't do a pvp without some op items .



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