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[Guide] How to professionally play Sword Singer or Blade Dancer!

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How To: Professionally Play Sword Singer or Blade Dancer


Out of all of the classes in Lineage 2, I consider the Sword Singer (SWS) and Blade Dancer (BD) two of the most unique. They can’t do damage to save their life, and they can’t really tank that well either. But their 2 minute buffs (songs/dances, obviously) are highly demanded in parties. This creates a need for this support class like Warcryer, Prophet, etc.


The other unique thing about it is the additional magic power (MP) cost per cost as you get more and more songs and dances. This has created a need for the BD and SWS to kind of sing in a certain pattern to optimize MP usage. They need to sing all of the buffs so the party is happy, but also make sure not as much MP is consumed for the next round of songs and dances.


On paper this is a great ideal. It’ll promote organized gameplay and create more teamwork inbetween parties. There is only one thing NCSoft didn’t account for: 90% of the players that play either a BD or SWS or incompetent, unreliable, or just straight up fucking retarded. This guide will tell you how to not be that retard.


1. Leave party as soon as everyone is ready at the zone.


The thing that people usually love the most about when you play this class is your completely willingness to leave the party as soon as they port; and usually for some obscure reason like you’re entire family dying because a plane crashed into your house. People usually believe that stuff so you’ll want to use it, a lot. Make sure though that you don’t leave while people are forming the group. No, that’d make things too easy for them to find another dancer or singer while they are in town. The only time that you’re allowed to leave the group is after everybody is buffed up and running to the spot. You have to make sure you inconvenience the group as much as possible, otherwise you’re a failure of a support.


2. Don’t ever sing or dance the way people ask.


The second thing you need to remember is to sing or dance out of order, or 30 seconds later. The opposite buffer usually loves it when his MP gets raped because you’re too smart to notice he dance or sung. People might complain, but whatever. What do they know? Just remember to keep living in your own little oblivion where you own all with your incredible intelligence. Before you dance or sing, you need to positive that the previous song or dance was done 30 seconds prior, otherwise you’ll just be saving time and MP. Playing Lineage 2 isn’t called easy mode; it’s all about making it difficult. Sing or dance as shitty as you want. After all you’re the support, not them.


3. Never sing or dance anything they want!


Some things that people have grown to love is when you don’t sing or dance buffs that they want. Do they want Warding Song? Give em’ Earth Song! Do mages need Concentration Dance? Fuck that, give em’ Fury Dance. You need the attack speed after all since you’re swingin’ swords and not throwing out spells. If they start to bitch about “This r mage partieh, not fighter, wai you givin Hunter Song”, just tell them to shut the fuck up and stop being a carebear. Who are they to tell you what buffs they need anyway? It’s all about how good you buff yourself, not these other fags.


4. Going away from the keyboard makes you look good.


This one is an absolute must and during the correct time too: You must go away from your keyboard at least 15 minutes of the 20 minutes of the buff round. There is no exception to this rule. If you come back to your computer and notice everybody is shouting “DANCE ASSHOLE” or “SING FAG”, ignore it. They aren’t making fun of you are coaxing you into doing it; they’re just commending you on how great of a job you are doing. See, the honest truth is that parties don’t actually want your songs and dances. Like I said previously, this isn’t called easy mode. It’s your job to make it as difficult as possible.


5. Assisting players is for pussies!


So sometimes you’ll just have to suck it up and attack mobs. This is unavoidable. This generally occurs in smaller parties or when the damage dealers suck themselves (article pending). Generally parties will pick somebody to pick the mobs out and have the rest of the party focus on whatever the chosen one is attacking. But trust me, don’t do it. I don’t want to have to repeat myself but it’s your job to make sure it’s as difficult as possible. Never ever (EVER) right click the main assists name, EVER! Just to make sure I pounded that into your head, Never right click the main assists name! What a Prophet or Warcryer might do to help make it easier is sleep or root mobs so they can’t attack other players. This generally makes it easier on the healers MP. But nope, we can’t have anything easy. If you see any mobs with a little cloud or circle about its head. you make sure you fuck that mobs day up. C’mon, you got Hunter/Fury/Fire/Warrior, you’re basically a tough motha fucka. Never mind the fact you’re critical hitting level eighty mobs for 50 damage, you got the best buffs!


The best way to become a professional Sword Singer or Blade Dancer is just practice, practice, and practice. At least, practicing my techniques over and over. In conclusion, I’ll teach you how to become a professional support buffer, as long as you follow my guide. Who knows, you might even own Aden Castle on retail one day. Or piss everybody off so much they’ll hunt you down and stab you in the face.


Credits: Брaян

Source: http://dpbbryan.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/how-to-professionally-play-sword-singer-or-blade-dancer/

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5. Assisting players is for pussies!


LMAO some ppl might take this serious and then ul scream for them :D



I'm afraid you are right :P


I hope not get any of them in my party xD

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hehehe someone was bored =)


still.. somehow i feel like id read more guides if they were like this xD


Actually, this is not my "guide" and it's a bit old tbh. I give credits/source in the end :p

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Actually, this is not my "guide" and it's a bit old tbh. I give credits/source in the end :p


maybe id notice if i wasnt wasted and up all night, or perhaps if i knew greek ^^

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