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I used to play there on the backtimes :( It was SO FUCKING COOL with the +15 safe/max enchants and it has VERY balanced pvp's ,but some d0nat0rz was OP :( We want the server back not this piece of shit :(

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I need too end with weapon custom SA system first...and i think it will be up in 2 weeks.(check forum and here,i will update post and set grand open time ). thx


P.S. a and about name server. this server is not a one old server with safe/max+15...and i don't take this name to have more ppl....first 1 year ago i opened one server with name LastLegion,then i close it for some reason....and like in 1 or 2 month i see an new LastLegion server(lol) at hopzone and here! At this time i realy was upset cuz some on take my server name...but now i see this server closed and i can open again my server with my name. thx

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