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(Tutorial) Desktop Notes , Having a little notepad embedded on desktop!


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Hello i want to share a tutorial that i found around ;P


It's amazing really..


Desktop Notes


Today i will be showing you how to have a notepad embedded on your desktop.




-Right Click

A- Computer would make it easier.


This Desktop Notepad is basically HTML using the <Form> tag.


Okay lets begin:


1)Open Notepad: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Notepad.




Now here is the most imporant part, getting the code right:


<body bgcolor="#000000">
<center><form method="post" action="">
<textarea name="comments" cols="100" rows="35">



Lets disect it:


<body bgcolor="#000000">


Is basically the background colour of your desktop not the notepad.


<center>  </center>


aligns your text area in the center.


<form method="post" action="">

<textarea name="comments" cols="100" rows="35">





Is the text area. You can change the size of your text area on your desktop by changing the "Cols=" and the "Rows=" Colums the width and Rows the height.


Save the code as: <whatevername.html> e.g notepad.html




Now the last section, embedding it. (Not as hard as it sounds)


Go to your desktop>Right Click>Properties>Desktop(tab)>Browse> And locate the HTML file> Apply




Edit to your needs (size wise)


Thanks for reading.




Credits ~~> biggles2008





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