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[L2j[Gracia Part 2] L2 ImPuLsE pVp x 3 500 ...


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Server Location :  Bulgaria,Montana

Server Version: Gracia Part 2

The Server is new don't have any bugs.




XP: x3 500

SP: x3 500

PartyXP: x2

PartySP: x2

ItemDrop: x5

AdenaDrop: x5


QuestDrop: x3 500

PetXP: x3 500

PetSP: x3 500



NO Require life crystal needed to learn clan skills!

NO Require spell book needed to learn skills!

Require book needed to enchant skills

Sub-class don't request quest

Npc Class Master in every town.

Weddins system

Bank system

Mana Potions





Safe enchant: 6

Max Enchant Weapon: 35

Max Enchant Armor: 10

Max Enchant Jewel: 10

All chance Enchant: 66%



Max Run Speed = 350

Max P.Crit Rate = 500

Max M. Crit Rate = 200

Max P.Atk Speed = 1500

Max M.Atk Speed = 2100

Max Evasion = 250

Max Subclass = 4



Max items for sale(dwarfs) - 6

Mac items for sale for (NO dwarfs) - 3



Max items for buy (dwarf) - 7

Max items for buy (no dwarf) - 3



Darf space - 200

NO dwarf space - 120


PK & Karma:

Karma player can be killed in Peace zone.

Karma player can't use GK.

Karma player can use SOE or recall skills.

Karma player can't shop.

Karma player can trade.

Karma player can't use wh.



Common Recipe limit: 60

Dwarf Recipe limit: 100


web: http://l2impulse.uuuq.com

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Are you kidding me? Grica final off? and pvp serer lolz if the really I will join


Hahah its L2J the guy wrote off  by mistake, for sure.


Fix your title niikkii:



[L2J][Gracia Part 2] L2 ImPuLsE pVp x 3 500 ...



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