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[Guide]Ftiakse Thn Dikiasou Farm Zone

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Geia sas Kai pali ..ekana afto to guide pali gia tous newbie Epidi mou zithsan kati filoi...as arxisoume!!


Bhma 1o Phgene Sto meros pou thes na kanoun spawn kai pata /loc


Bhma 2o Anoikse Navicat-DB pata sto table Teleport kateva katw katw kai kane to +


Bhma 3o Grapse sto Description Farm Zone..sto id grapse 5555..sto loc_x grapse to Current Location pou sou grafi..to idio kane kai me ta alla 2


Bhma 4o Sto Price grapse 1500 i oso thes..


Bhma 5o Sto Fornoble asto 0


Bhma 6o Anoikse To pack gameserver/data/html/teleporter/54


Bhma 7o Pare antigrafi gia paradigma afto <tr><td><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 24"><font color="33FF00">=-Interlude Areas-=</font></a></td></tr>

<tr><td><br></td></tr><br> kai valto katw apo to interlued areas kai grapse <tr><td><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_goto 5555" msg="811;Farm Zone"><font color="F0F080">Farm Zone</font></a></td></tr>



Bhma 8o Klise twra to Pack mpes sto game kai pata //reload html //reload teleporter


Sorry guys alla elikse to rapidshare ...kai dn ginete na dite tis photo anyway tha travikso new photo kai tha tis valo

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file ayto to post exei 3ana ginei kai analitika  des edo



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