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hmm??? dn uparxei kapio  tetio command...to mono p boreis na kaneis einai na breis to ID tou skill..

na kaneis target ton player p 8es na t to dwseis

k meta patas


//add_skill IDHERE lvlhere




//add_Skill 4 2   


4=Dash (to id tou dash)

2=to lvl..(to dash exei lvl2 max..opote dn paei parapanw)


Auta..tr mia lista edw me Items id skills


Katebase auto edw to arxio...: Exei +items id




Pigaine ekei  p leei download xD, elpizw na boithisa

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@Dionisakis 8eli id ton skills apo augment :P



alt+g k grafis gia paradigma: Item Skill: Focus

patas sto find skill k to vriskis k meta t kanis add etsi opos s ipe o dionisakis...


P.S: dn iparxoun ola t skills gia augment...

kapia p 3ero ine:


focus (active/passive)

guidance (active/passive)

agility (active/passive)

might (active/passive)

shield (active/passive)

magic barrier (active/passive)

prayer (active/passive)

reflect dmg (active) (dn 3ero an exi passive)

Hydro blast (active)

aura flash (active)

prominence (active)


P.S*: prepi na t gra4is opos st egra4a to "Item Skill: (skill)" me ta kefalea ktl gia na st vri...

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File min tous akoys :P

Ta Augment skills Active arxizun apo to //add_skill 3100 eos kai to 3142.

Ta Passive ine apo to //add_skill 3500 eos 3542(nomizo dld pantos apo 3500 arxizun ta passive)

Elpizo na se voithisa :)

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P.S: dn iparxoun ola t skills gia augment...


Ekots an pas gameserver/data/stats/skills k arxizeis k yaxneis stin database gia ta IDs ton skllls xD..pragma p einai kapws kourastiko...




Sorry alla dn 3r kapia alli apadisi panw se auto to thema..eipa oti borousa...padws elpizw na help


P.S : Sorry an ekana la8os me to quote to ekana prwti fora...(dn to exw 3anakanei) k..paizei na min to ebala swsta!

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