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[L2C4-OFF] L2SoLiD


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Server Name: L2SoLiD

Server Rates : Exp: 40x Sp: 100x Adena: 250x Spoil: 10x Drops: 8x

WebSite: Lineage2SoLiD

Forum : Forum

Downloads: http://mia.mooo.com/solid/updater.rar

IRC Channel : irc://irc.deltaanime.net/l2solid

[glow=red,2,300]Note : Currently in "Beta" going live in few days[/glow]


+ C5 Addons [skills , Armors ...]

+ Anti Bad Buff Skill

+ Class Balancing

+ Custom Leveling Zones (farm zones)

+ Plenty Events

+ Balanced Donation System

+ No trash Drops

+ all c4 stuff working 99%

+ Sieges

+ Nobless / subclass

+ Nobless / subclass stuff in shops , only have to do raids

+ Global Gatekeeper

+ DVC is a solo level place

+ and lots more in work.


Server Specs:

Intel Xeon 64 Processor 3 GHZ


250GB Hard Drive

Windows 2003 Server Edition

100.0mbit connection




Ngentot-Lu - Owner


Rendy - HGM


Imoett - HGM


Kyo2101 - HGM


ZacK - Developer


Cookiemonster - GM


Lunatic - GM

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