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[Help] How to make a top Engine ?


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some tips to create a website like that

Languages you must use: PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL

Requirement: SQL Server like Mysql - a good host

What your SQL Server must have as tables:

Table: users

id - INT Auto Increment

username - String - lenght:50

password - String(Sha1) - lenght:50

email - String - lenght:255



Table: Top

id - INT Auto Increment

username - String - lenght:50

Site_name - String - lenght:50

site_banner  - String - lenght:50

site_description - String - lenght:300

votes - INT


and more if you want


The first thing you can start creating a website is making first a design in photoshop and if it looks very good like a realy good website then you can make the design to php, html, css


for example for css

#container {


height: 800px;

margin: 0 auto;




thats a good start, Goodluck :)


simplest way to show the best server at the top of the page is using the function 'While'  in PHP

and using a query that will show the highest number of votes at the top

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