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About a connection problem in c5 server

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i might be in wrong section so sorry if i do but a strange problem occurs to me those last 3 days and i cant fix it!as many of us here i rised/created a c5server with interlude features for me and my friends and in summer available for more ppl to join!i ve send system to ppl that live out of athens(i live in athens) to play and they can play normally with no lag and  DCs!my problem is that one of my friends who lives in Romania gets critikals when she creates her char!she made an account in server but when tried to create a char system kicks her off!!!i restarted server problem remained! i went to a net to login with this account and try to create char and i made it!when told her login server didnt accept account but when i tried it in a net player logged in normally.i put her update client again nothing...i put her go to a friendly pc but neither there she could login!i changed my system folder gave it to everybody!all ppl logged in normally but server rejected my friends from romania  again...i send her my client but still $&$^&%$^@ remains!i also communicated with videos to see if she makes any kind of mistake  but she does everything correct!her pc is a pretty good one so it aint hardware problems and put her install the latest drivers for graphik cards and perfomance!


i would appreciate any assistance about my problem...i have to sleep like a man 2days and break my head for a solution...


is recreation of server a solution to problem?what if problem occurs?why ppl from austria and kozani and pireus and athens log in normally and ppl from romania cant!!!grrr


it is just as nikos13 said and i gave details http://www.maxbastards.gr/forum/index.php?topic=4086.0

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