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ok afou den mou apantise kanenas brika me arketo psaksimo afta:


Q. What's the difference between the Baby Pets and the Pets from the Beast Farm?


A. You can get the Baby Pets starting at level 24, they are permanent. The pets from the Beast Farm are an upper level 60s quest and they are temporary. They follow you for varied amounts of time but if you log off you lose them. This FAQ is about the Baby Pets.


Q. Where do I get a Baby Pet?


A. There are three quests for these. Visit the Pet Manager in Giran, Dion or Gludio. I have also heard that clan halls sell the Pet Exchange Tickets. (Thanks to Gronmin for this information who obviously has more pull than I do, since he is in a clan hall!)


Q. I want a Baby Cougar, where do I get that?


A. If you want the cougar you will need to visit the Pet Manager in Giran.

If you want the cougar you will need to visit the Pet Manager in Giran. The

Buffalo comes from Dion and the Kookaburra from Gludio. I know you can find complete quest guides on Stratics cause I wrote them. The quest names are "Help my Son," "Help my Uncle," and "Help my Sister."


Q. What level can I get my baby at?


A. The Cougar is level 26, the Buffalo level 25 and the Kookaburra level 24.


Q. What is the difference between the different Baby Pets?


A. They start at a different level (see above) but other than that, just the way they look.


Q. What do I feed my baby after I get it?


A. Baby Spice you purchase from the Pet Manager. The pet will feed itself automatically so you don't have to 'force feed' it. Just make sure you have enough food in its inventory. It might feed itself fine even if the food is in your inventory, but I haven't tested that.



Q. Will my Baby ever grow up?


A. No. There is no word on whether they will ever let the Baby Pets grow up in future Chronicles, but in this one a Baby is always a Baby.


Q. What does my Baby Pet do?


A. You mean besides die easily and take 10% of your XP? They heal you. Small heals that get slightly larger with level, but always still small comparatively.


Q. I am a caster and I want a Baby that does recharge.


A. Sorry, you are out of luck. There is no Baby Pet that recharges, however if you are a high enough level (upper 60s) you can go to the Beast Farm in the Rune area and get a temporary pet there. These pets will do random buffing and healing or recharge.


Q. What kind of armor can my Baby wear?


A. None. They have a horribly low P. Def and will die in one hit to pretty much anything. A common tactic is to hide them somewhere safe, tell them to stay and fight mobs out of their aggro range. I had good success running around with mine on the PTS. I had a character that could use the skill "Hate" and was very careful to always grab agro on any extras. Still, even with being very careful, my pet died a few times before I got the hang of it.


Q. Can my Baby use a weapon?


A. No, all they do is follow you, take 10% of your XP, heal, make cute little noises and die easily.


Q. Can my Baby use Soulshots?


A. They CAN and they can attack, but it's just not worth it, considering their P. Atk seems to stay at 1 always. (Credit for this goes to SpoiledPrincess!) However you can use SPS or BSPS to improve their heals.


Q. Can I level my Baby?


A. Sure can! They level fairly quickly and their heals get slightly better as they level.


Q. What happens if they die?


A. If you are a caster with a rez you can resurrect them. If you can't rez, make sure to carry several rez scrolls with you. Someone else can also rez your pet. You will get a confirmation box on the rez and need to accept it. Please note that if something happens and you get any other kind of pop up you will lose your that chance at the rez. This means your Baby won't be rezzed and if you were using a scroll, you will lose it. Just like other pets you have 20 minutes to rez it.


Q. What happens if I don't get it rezzed in 20 minutes?


A. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, your Baby is gone forever! They are just like other pets (Wolves and Striders) and the same rules on feeding and dying apply. If you don't feed them, they die, if you don't rez them they are gone.


Q. If my Baby dies or I sell them can I do the quest again?


A. No, it's a one time only quest. You'd have to do it with another character (can be on the same account just not the same character). You can buy a replacement at a clan hall. I haven't confirmed the price, however.


Q. Can I trade my Baby to someone else?


A. Sure can…you can trade it or sell it or give it away.


Q. Can I name my Baby?


A. Of course and I'm sure you will pick out a wonderful name for your cute little Baby.


Q. Can I have a Baby Cougar and a Baby Buffalo both?


A. You can have all three, but not have more than one OUT at a time. You can't have any other Pet or Summons (except the Tamed ones from the Beast farm) out with the Baby. This is particularly bad for Summoners.


Q. So if their heals are so low and they die so quickly, what good are they?


A. Well, if you dismiss the cute factor (and they are so very cute), they do help melee classes cut the downtime for soloing considerably. But they are expensive to get and you have to keep up with food and rez scrolls so they aren't for everyone.


Q. How much do they heal for?


A. Thanks to SpoiledPrincess for gathering the following information:


Normal heals

Level 26-29 = 26 hp

Level 30-38 = 39 hp


Critical Battle Heals (HP bar is flashing)

Level 26-29 = 100 hp

Level 30-38 = 141 hp


After that, I don't have any information.


Q. What's the maximum level?


A. I haven't personally confirmed it, but it appears the maximum level is level 80.


Q. Anything else I should know?


A. If I think of anything…I'll let you know!


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