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L2 PvPx iS Back D:

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Guest MaxBastards

Features Overview




AA Farming Dungeons


    * Abandoned Coal Mines

    * Mithril Mines

    * School of Dark Arts

    * Cave of Trials

    * SSQ Zones


C5 Skills

We'll have a complete set of C5 skills


New Skills

Each class will have new lvl 78 skills that will be pretty tough to obtain. (No they wont bring unbalance)

(If you've been playing on PvPX back in C3 then all I have to say is "god Spells")



Airships will take off from the sky port and fly at a high speed of Warp 9 to a custom hell zone destination (Talking Island) The entire island will be an end-game hell zone. All monsters in this zone will be party-only. You can't expect to solo here and survive. This zone will only be useful for unlocking your new lvl 78 skills and special items/equipment. The only way on TI is by airship however bishops will also be able to learn a skill that will teleport a party to TI with a considerably high reuse delay.



We will have a few custom armors/weapons, can't list full details for them yet. We were thinking about adding C6 textures but that would require a huge (300MB+) texture patch and we decided not to.



SA will be pretty much the same, leveling crystals however you can exchange for higher lvl crystals with AA and Yes you can add SA and keep enchants (no it wont be as difficult as it was last time). Unseal will be like it was before full C4. S-Grade will be similar to what we've seen before the downtime, players can spoil mats for S-Grade weapons as well as getting them off raid bosses.


New Summons


    * 3 New Custom Servitors

    * 8 New Custom Summons

    * 4 New Custom Uncontrollable Summons


(by "uncontrollable" I mean once they are summoned they will aggro anyone)


Global GK

The global GK will teleport to all towns, leveling zones and custom dungeon locations. Each spawn point will have a peace zone (the zone will be so small that people will not be able to gate hop) So there wont be any more spawn PK. We figured this out then it sort of got leaked on PP so all pvp servers should be implementing this as I type.



Buffs will still be party only, this will prevent the horrible grief buffing abuse. If you remember there used to be tons of buffers that would just sit at a GK and greif buff anyone that came near, No one wants that again.


AIO Buffer

We will have an AIO buffer ingame, it will have all normal buffs, just no C4 buffs like COV, Prophs etc. We'll see how it works out in the beta.



Beta server rates will most likely be around 300-400x but for the final launch we'll be looking at 45x, my reason for this is to attract a better community. Lots of hardcore players don't take anything above 100x seriously and I would rather attract them than the huge BR zergs or Russians that just want to exploit with their latest tools. (I'm NOT saying ALL Russians want to exploit or ALL BRs want to zerg)


As far as stuff like Nobless, Subclass and Boss Jewels etc. Those will be obtained the same way they were before the down time. Since there was so much bitching about the Apella set bonus it will be modified to be slightly better than normal S-Grade which means it will still have negative status affects.




The donations system will change quite a bit, it actually wont be considered "donations" anymore. Since the majority of donators have fucked me over I'm no longer trusting ANYONE ^^ If you donate via paypal you MUST have a verified mailing address and you will be MAILED a small voucher card that has your information on it along with a tracking #. So if anyone tries to charge back in the future I will shove that tracking # up their ass in a heartbeat. I will also be accepting Western Union and possibly E-Gold in the future.


As for old donators you will be able to request credit for what you paid after 2 weeks of the server being up (this does not include beta). I will only be returning things for people that donated from July 2006 to November 2006. I will make exceptions for the few that have gone above and beyond to support PvPX, you know who you are.


When 2 weeks have passed you may e-mail me with the following:


    * Full Name (As it appears on your Paypal Account)

    * Paypal E-mail

    * Paypal Transaction ID

    * Date of the Donation

    * Payment Amount    :-*



    * Processor: 2x Dual Core Xeon 5050 - 3.0GHz - 4 x 2MB cache - HT

    * Memory: 6GB FB-DIMM Registered Memory 533/667

    * Hard Drive: 2 x 73GB 15k RPM SA-SCSI

    * Connection: 1000 Mbps private/public uplink


The beta(test server is opened)dont burned from now is just the beta! have fun guys ;)




Open Beta


After many delays PvPX is finally back online in its beta phase. In order to connect you will need to download our open beta patch here. Beta server registration is also available, you can register your account now by clicking here


Please keep in mind that his is just a beta, we are aware of many bugs and some features may not be 100% just yet so with that being said feel free to report any and all bugs you may come across in our bug reports section.


Also u can register from here and download the system and the textures from here http://rapidshare.com/files/26086639/PvPX3_Open_Beta_Patch1.0.rar.html  its a cronicle 4 server and is official!



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well i'm playing too in l2 PvPx but i think the PvPx it's more PvEx or PvEFarmx than pvp  :P . And i think the x45 rates are only for players to come, think it's x30 or x35 and my opinion is that x300 server was much better  ;D

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