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[C4 off] L2elmore


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web site: http://www.l2elmore.com

opening time:20.03.09


c4 server

sieges/olympiads etc works+ rune castle



Server Rates:


Exp rate:55x

Adena rate:240x

Spoil rate:10x

Drop rate:1x


Simple Information:


Misc Shop

Armor Shop

Weapon Shop

Etc shop

Elmore Buffers

Elmore Portal


Custom Areas:


DVC bridge/solo exp area and mantra area

Elven fortress/farming area and elmore adena area/S grade weapons

Giant cave/Party Zone and elmore adena area/S grade SA weapons

Cave of Trials/ moonstone shard area


Custom Items:


Titanium Armors

Black and Dusk weapons

Elmore jewelry



Server Hardware:


Dual Core Processor

8gb DDR2 800mhz Ram

2x320gb HDD

100mb internet connection

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Server is new but is awesome its a like old school but without dynasty just with titanium, and elmore jewel ...

Server didn't open olympiad yet because almost no1 is noblesse :( and admin is w8 for more ppl come to decide the date of all siege's (gludio and dion already done)

Some good clan's there like Romanian LordS and Relax Ally :)

Hope you Alll come i m trying help newbies with lvl


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Today i log to game ;) hotweelz u exp me:) What ur name in game?

SunRise (GryT) problem is that i leave today because i broke my third dm to +16... admin sayd to me that is the same enchant rate but 3 time's i dont think so... anyway is good server you should enjoy it ;D



OFC know i m back server rock's! ;D

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Too ppl that have update error's

see this topic:

-> http://l2elmore.com/forum/index.php?topic=79.0


Made by me SunRise

Hope Helpfull


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Well played there with my friends for a while

I managed to make some normal S weapons +10,+11,+12

But WTF i see more and more ppl with dusk weapons +17,+18

And one clan is something like good friends with the gm and get every day +1 on their gear


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